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XPWR: Xtreme Pro Wrestling Radio

Taking “Sports Entertainment” to the Xtreme!Xtreme Pro Wrestling Radio is hosted by “The Governor” Buff Burton.   Buff was trained by WWE Hall of Fame legend Paul Bearer.   Once a wrestler and manager, and with his extensive list of contacts...

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Still preaching Fitness! – The Official Website of Midajah

Do you remember the lovely woman wrestler Midajah from WCW? We do too. One of the most beautiful women on earth and an extremely fit woman to boot. Would we love to see her compete against one of our ladies in a Fan’s Choice matchup? Yes. Do we think she would...


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- What do you get if you become a member and become a part of our journey here? – WHAT YOU GET AS A MEMBER

- We have the FWC Competitive Championship belt made and ready to go.  Who will be the first ever champion?

- We will have the first ever Competitive Tag Team Belts in history. We are going to look to make tag team competitive wrestling a thing!

- Ladies and gents from all over the world have the ability to challenge our ladies to a matchup.  It must be tied to a good cause and we are much more likely to consider business or celebrity types that have a following that we can benefit each other with.   You can fill out the interview to challenge one of our ladies or gents here – CLICK HERE

- You can send our ladies private messages through Facebook and show your support for them by liking them on Facebook.   Find the page for your favorite female wrestling lady here at the site at this LINK HERE

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- How does the roster work?   Only 8 women?   Why Johnny Ringo why?  – CLICK HERE

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- Oh.  I see.  You think you are creative.  You want to influence our storyline.   Ok, we will listen to your idea.  We will give you the time.   But, we don’t accept slop.  We will send it back, Jack.  Preferably, returned in a crumpled up ball next to your trash can. – CLICK HERE TO INFLUENCE THE NEXT EPISODE OF THE FEMALE WRESTLING CHANNEL ON YOUR LONESOME

- Do you suffer from sourpuss syndrome?   Do you not like what we are doing here?   Do you think your morals are better than ours?   Do you think you know better than we?   Well, before you go and jump off that cliff, we prepared a little article for you – FOR CRITICS OF THE FEMALE WRESTLING CHANNEL – Enjoy.

- Want to contact Johnny Ringo?   He loves being told he is good looking.  But, if you want to email about other things, like say, this female wrestling business here, or praise or criticism, or ideas for business collaboration, you can do so through THIS CONTACT FORM HERE as it goes straight to Johnny. 


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