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Female Wrestler Photoset (#13) – The Contenders – w/ Foxy Rain, Monroe Jamison, and Scarlett Squeeze

This is available for immediate download!  Click the "Purchase Only" or "Login & Purchase" button (below) to view in less than 1 minute.  OR. If you don't want to order online, or want to make multiple orders at once, simply call us between the...

The Member’s Only Video – Episode 55 – The Black Swan – Foxy Rain vs Scarlett Squeeze

THE FULL LENGTH VIDEO:What was the Black Swan in this episode?  Time will tell us.   What we do know, is that Monroe Jamison has a chance to own 19 percent of the company.   She now must start working with the ladies instead of trying to eliminate them from the roster...

Freshfite Female Fighting puts a unique new twisting on female combat.   Says Freshfite:Our private video fights are rough, non-scripted, and competitive. Our private video fight rules – anything legal in MMA except no rear naked chokes. When striking, no strikes to the head or...

Want to get to know our Performers Face to Face? You can do so through Skype!

One great thing about our ladies and gents is that their real life personalities are sometimes even bigger than the ones you see on the screen here.   We encourage each and every one of you to try out a Skype video or audio only chat with our ladies. You can schedule...

Let’s Wrestle

Let’s Wrestle is a unique venture that seems to film submission wrestling matches on the beach and in apartment settings.   LWG has a list of matches dating back to 2006 along with many videos that have been filmed and released in 2014.   They also...

The Female Fight Fan Website

The Female Fight Fan website has been a “go to” website for female wrestling and combat fans for a large number of years now. The site is laid out in English or Japanese, your choice.  The FFF site consists of a very large and comprehensive links section,... focuses on real competitive female wrestling and real competitive female vs male (mixed) wrestling.   Fight Pulse has a video store where you can purchase their matches online and (at the time of this posting) they have female wrestlers Lucrecia, Emma,...

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