Welcome to the Female Wrestling Channel!

Bart Simpson, please write the following on the chalkboard 120 times.

Real Female Wrestling!
Real Female Wrestling!
Real Female Wrestling!
Real Female Wrestling!

What exactly do we do here? Excuse me.   What’s that? We do what here again?

Real Female Wrestling.  Get it, got it, good, thank you very much, swell.   Now, we do “some” scripted stuff.   There is a large contingent of fans out there who put us into moves that we don’t like much, such as the piledriver, a hurrahcanrana off the top ropes, or a Stephanie McMahon slap right to the kisser(Ok, some of us like the Stephanie McMahon slap, it’s a guy thing, maybe you understand, maybe you don’t.)

However, this prompted Monroe Jamison to fire back and put some of the said fans in her deadly and ferocious leg scissors, Ashley Wildcat held them down with some of the strongest pins in the business, and Scarlett Squeeze showed them what it meant to “Feel the Squeeze” and it wasn’t sexual for them, let me tell you. 

Greetings everyone.   My name is Johnny Ringo and I own the Female Wrestling Channel.   I stole my name from the movie Tombstone simply because I’m better looking than Michael Biehn.   I can unholster a gun so fast that hummingbird’s freeze in mid-air due to the massive wind generated from my extremely speedy arm.  Well, in my dreams maybe. 

We are on a mission.  To kill the whales.  (Just kidding).  We are out to convert fans of the world into “our brand” of real female wrestling.  

There is the stuff on TV…………then there is what we do.

We have characters. An ongoing storyline.  Where will the story go ladies and gentlemen?   We don’t know, you don’t know, the ladies don’t know, perhaps even God himself doesn’t know.   Our episode based storyline features (What Bart?) real female wrestling.   The outcomes are not predetermined or pre-scripted unless marked otherwise, which is rare for this website.

With mats and a camera, we can go anywhere.

This is our mantra.

This is the first time that a female wrestling based video story has been documented from the start to the beginning.   Our real life challenges pour out on the camera.   This is reality TV in many ways as we take real life events and simply turn them into storylines on the fly. 

It’s an incredible challenge, but it will make for a deep and interesting story as time goes on and will create an incredible sense of nostalgia as fans watch our production values rise along with the progression of the characters themselves as ladies and humans.

Here is what is really cool.

Ever sit and yell at the TV and say, man, things would be so much better if “I” was helping make some of the storyline decisions?   Welcome to the Female Wrestling Channel dear fan.  You can influence our storyline. You alone, each time you buy a custom match, will alter the future of the performers and our story every single time.   

Go ahead, stand up, scream it out.  I know you want to.

Yes.  At the Female Wrestling Channel.   You do have the power.  That’s not the only thing.  You can also get to know our performers one on one personally.   No, not through something impersonal like email, phone, love letters, or carrier pigeons.  We are talking about face to face, one on one, mono e mono.   You can set up your one on one face to face video session with one of our available ladies (if you are not a chicken shit) at this link right here.

Nothing rude, crude, or lewd or we will cut you off forever and call your Mom and Dad.   No, we don’t care how old you are.   If your Mom and Dad are not alive, we will find someone.   If we must ring up your Aunt Judy….we will. 

Note:   A Guide for Talking to Female Wrestlers on the Internet

The quickest and easiest way to keep up with each Episode update is to join our mailing list.   If you consider getting images of female wrestling matches and updates about said ladies in your email “spam” you are an idiot who should flee this site immediately never to return.  

For those of you who are not idiots, and want to keep up on what we do and what’s cooking next……………

There is no nudity on this website.  However, we prefer that our audience be over 18 to view the material, because of the fact that the ladies and gentlemen use strong language, the ladies dress in very sexy attire, and perform some of the sexiest pins and submissions in the business.

We have no idea (whatsoever) where the story is going, nor do the fans.   This website was opened to the public on April 13th 2012.

Things to consider:

- What do you get if you become a member and become a part of our journey here? – WHAT YOU GET AS A MEMBER

- We have the FWC Competitive Championship belt made and ready to go.  Who will be the first ever champion?

- We will have the first ever Competitive Tag Team Belts in history. We are going to look to make tag team competitive wrestling a thing!

- Ladies and gents from all over the world have the ability to challenge our ladies to a matchup.  It must be tied to a good cause and we are much more likely to consider business or celebrity types that have a following that we can benefit each other with.   You can fill out the interview to challenge one of our ladies or gents here – CLICK HERE

- You can send our ladies private messages through Facebook and show your support for them by liking them on Facebook.   Find the page for your favorite female wrestling lady here at the site at this LINK HERE

- Rebels we are.   We make our own rules.   If you are going to be a fan, please learn them! – CLICK HERE

- Want an Autograph of your favorite performer on this website.   We can do that!  – CLICK HERE

- Set up a one on one Skype session with your favorite guy or girl.   They all love doing it and this is one of the best ways to support your favorite performers.  – SET UP YOUR SKYPE SESSION HERE

- What’s all this talk of “Sponsor Points”.  What in sam hell are we talking about?   Learn about sponsor points and how sponsor points work at THIS LINK HERE

- How does the roster work?   Only 8 women?   Why Johnny Ringo why?  – CLICK HERE

- Want to have a story played out in Photoset form just like they did back in the yee old days of Jimmy Carter? – CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

- Oh.  I see.  You think you are creative.  You want to influence our storyline.   Ok, we will listen to your idea.  We will give you the time.   But, we don’t accept slop.  We will send it back, Jack.  Preferably, returned in a crumpled up ball next to your trash can. – CLICK HERE TO INFLUENCE THE NEXT EPISODE OF THE FEMALE WRESTLING CHANNEL ON YOUR LONESOME

- Do you suffer from sourpuss syndrome?   Do you not like what we are doing here?   Do you think your morals are better than ours?   Do you think you know better than we?   Well, before you go and jump off that cliff, we prepared a little article for you – FOR CRITICS OF THE FEMALE WRESTLING CHANNEL – Enjoy.

- Want to contact Johnny Ringo?   He loves being told he is good looking.  But, if you want to email about other things, like say, this female wrestling business here, or praise or criticism, or ideas for business collaboration, you can do so through this contact form here as it goes straight to Johnny.