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What exactly do we do here?

Real Female Wrestling

How many companies can you count on one hand that produce real female competitive mat wrestling?  

The majority of you reading right now were not even aware it exists.  

However, it is a 5,000 year old sport.   We are simply bringing the past to the present in a whole new way.

We have an ongoing story.  With characters.  We never know where the story will go. Nor do our fans.  Nor do the ladies involved.  


Because the outcomes of the matches are not scripted or predetermined.  This is the first time that a female wrestling based video story has been documented from the start to the beginning.  

Note:  We do have some episodes and extras on the website that have “scripted, predetermined outcomes” but there isn’t that many of them as it’s not something we have interest in producing a lot of. These scripted matches are always marked as such when we produce them in the episode listing.

“What we do” is an incredible challenge simply because it is perceived as brand new. In many ways, this is true.  We have a “show the warts and all” approach when it comes to our progression for those who enter this profession in the future.

There is no guidebook for the real (competitive) female wrestling industry and thus we task ourselves to be the ones to hopefully create this guidebook through our trials, errors, and ultimate successes.

There is no 5 year plan here.  Everything is spontaneous.  We keep the doors open and for good reason.   Much of what is created by us is created by readers like yourself through daily and weekly emails you send to us with your thoughts and ideas.  

If you own a website or business, contact us about having an entire episode centered around what you do/offer.  The episode you sponsor will be free for public viewing forever, as you will be doing our fans a service, and yourself at the same time as many of our fans will appreciate it.  We have a worldwide audience so make sure you have something that can appeal to as many people as possible  – CONTACT US TO DISCUSS DETAILS

Who will appear on the next episode?    

Where will it take place?  

With mats and a camera, we can go anywhere.  Maybe a celebrity will try things out. Maybe former female pro wrestlers.   Every once in a while, we might even let some guys take on our girls.  

We are out to convert fans of the world into “our brand” of REAL female wrestling.

Note:   A Guide for Talking to Female Wrestlers on the Internet

The quickest and easiest way to keep up with new episodes, new happenings and developments, is to join our updates list.  

There is no nudity on this website

However, we prefer that our audience be over 18 to view the material, because of the fact that the ladies and gentlemen use (in rare cases) strong language, the ladies (sometimes) dress in what could be considered “sexy” attire, and because this sort of thing still has not achieved any type of mainstream acceptance at the time of this writing and we have a long road ahead of us.

“The Female Wrestling Channel” was opened to the public on April 13th 2012.

Things to consider:

- If you would like to see every single FWC Episode and Extra we have ever produced, the easiest way to do so is by becoming a member.  You can download every episode to your computer, or watch it streaming on your laptop, TV, or phone, for only $99 per year – You can see everything within minutes by starting your membership at this link.

- We have the FWC Competitive Championship belt made and ready to go.  Who will be the first ever champion?

- We will have the first ever Competitive Tag Team Belts in history.   We are going to look to make tag team competitive wrestling a thing!

- Want an Autograph of your favorite performer on this website  – CLICK HERE

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