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The Episode based storyline begins by introducing Johnny Ringo and Monroe Jamison in Indiana.   They are an ambitious, boyfriend and girlfriend duo who begin this journey for very different reasons.   For Johnny, he was a former female wrestling fan who never felt the ladies go their due on TV and believes that real female wrestling could possibly be a big thing.

Monroe decided to try things on a whim, but after getting her first win on Episode 3 she has been a big force on the mats every since then.  The early episodes document the “coming to be” of Monroe as the story shows her progression as a wrestler along with the villain that resides inside of her that she blames on childhood treatment by her sisters and by a few of her nefarious former friends. 

Where does a story like this go?

We never know.  Nor do the fans.   Why?   Because it’s REAL FEMALE WRESTLING.   

What makes the Female Wrestling Channel incredibly unique, is that while we have characters, and a pre-scripted story,  our wrestling is REAL.  Not predetermined.   Not pre-scripted.   REAL.   Best of 5 falls.   

Our ongoing story covers these elements.   

With mats and a camera, we can go anywhere.   You never know who will be in the next episode.  The only way to find out what happens next is to stay tuned.

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