All Photography below and going forward is to be performed by our male character “The Hammer“.

He is an excellent photographer who travels to places like “Photoshop World” every year, teaches camera courses at a local university, and has a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to the lighting that goes behind a good photo.

Many of you enjoy scripted scenarios.  Or pro wrestling holds.  Things of that nature.

We can often fulfill things of that nature through use of a photoset.

How does this work?

1.  Choose the lady, ladies (or males) that you would like to see a photoset of.
The current Female Wrestling Channel Ladies can be found at this link – HERE

2.  Pre-select 5 poses/wrestling holds that you would like the ladies to be in.

Wrestling Move Examples:

Female Wrestling Channel moves:  Bodypress pin, Schoolgirl pin, leg scissors, Reverse Schoolgirl pin, etc.
Pro Wrestling Moves:   Headlock, Boston Crab, figure 4 leg scissors, cross face chickenwing, etc

(we will not approve all moves or anything high impact that might injure the girls unnecessarily.)

Posing Examples:

Choose from some of the various poses at this group below and send us the links to the pictures with the poses you want – GO HERE – Or search Modeling Poses on Google – HERE

3.   Pricing.

– Price is $199.
– Send us your story idea for the photos.  We will have a minimum of 100 we will produce for publication.  Often times we will have near 300 or 400, just depends on what’s involved, and you will receive all of these.    (Shoots are not to exceed 2 hours)
– We reserve the right to resell (or display at no charge) the photos here on the website and around the internet.
– Live skype in for yourself as the purchaser, of the photoshoot itself, if high speed internet is available in that location.  (ask first)


Pick the Ladies/Gents, pick your holds and moves, send your story if you want to include one, and we will bill you quickly and easily to get things going as quickly as possible.

Ready to order?

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