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XPWR: Xtreme Pro Wrestling Radio

Taking “Sports Entertainment” to the Xtreme!Xtreme Pro Wrestling Radio is hosted by “The Governor” Buff Burton.   Buff was trained by WWE Hall of Fame legend Paul Bearer.   Once a wrestler and manager, and with his extensive list of contacts...

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Don’t want a Membership?Chapter 3 and Chapter 2 Episode Based Downloads – (Ep 36-current) – Only $4.99 a piece – CLICK HERE TO VIEWChapter 1 Episode Based Downloads – (Episode 1 to Episode 34) – Only $2.99 a piece – CLICK HERE...

Still preaching Fitness! – The Official Website of Midajah

Do you remember the lovely woman wrestler Midajah from WCW? We do too. One of the most beautiful women on earth and an extremely fit woman to boot. Would we love to see her compete against one of our ladies in a Fan’s Choice matchup? Yes. Do we think she would...

CHAPTER 3 – The Member’s Only Video – Episode 53 – The Winds of Change – Ashley Wildcat vs Catalina Boss

THE FULL LENGTH VIDEO: Chapter 3 kicks off with a bang.After the wild events of Episode 52 - Johnny Ringo gathers Monroe Jamison, Ashley Wildcat, and Catalina Boss and tells them that their roles are going to be changing around here.  To Monroe and Ashley's absolute...

Win and Loss Records with Rankings

Records current as of the end of Episode 52.RANKINGS1# - Monroe JamisonFemale vs Female Qualified Competitive Record – 11-4Female vs Male Competitive Record – 2-1“Unqualified” Female vs Female Competitive Record – 0-1 (Ep 20)2# –...

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