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Female Wrestling Channel Rules

For members who have seen our matches so far…….they know that a good majority of the matches in the Female Wrestling Channel’s ongoing storyline are real, competitive based matchups unless marked otherwise.Here are the rules (unless otherwise stated...

Johnny Ringo’s Bubble

I do well with complexity.  I’m very forward looking.  I think years ahead in most cases when the people around me are constantly worrying about tomorrow.  Well, at least I think I do!     It has become obvious to me lately that I live in a very large bubble.  ...

FWC Extra: Becoming Scarlett

This is available for immediate download!  Click the "Purchase Only" or "Login & Purchase" button (below) to view in less than 1 minute.  OR. If you don't want to order online, or want to make multiple orders at once, simply call us between the...

Smash Bam Pow – The Home of Onyx

Smash Bam Pow, Smash Bam Pow, SMASH BAM POW!   Ok, ok, enough excitement.   Smash Bam Pow is the home of former Wowe superstar Bronco Billie. Onyx has branched into a wide arena of wrestling disciplines since that time as she now appears in many scripted matches along...


Girls is a new company that appears to produce competitive female vs female wrestling matches.   They film their wrestling matches in high definition video and they are slowly building a database of content.They are based in the UK and some of the ladies...

Pro Wrestling Digest

Pro Wrestling Digest has archives dating back all the way to March of 2005 on the left side of it’s very extensive front page.   You are not going to find too many news sites that have been around this long and have this much archived and easily findable... – All about Women’s Wrestling

Our Comments:This is a highly comprehensive and detailed website by an obviously intelligent publisher.    Many of your sites out there only talk about “aspects” of the Female Wrestling business where this gentlemen tries to give viewers a bit of a deeper...

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