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Scarlett Squeeze

If you want to support Scarlett Squeeze’s financial female wrestling journey, please sponsor Scarlett by clicking through and starting your membership THROUGH THIS LINK if you have not signed up already. Scarlett will receive 40 percent of your recurring subscription...

Why do we allow the Breast Smother, Schoolgirl Pin, and Leg Scissors at the Female Wrestling Channel?

If you are a fan or even a critic, you might have asked yourself this question before.Why do we choose these moves?     Isn’t this degrading to women?The short answer is no.    The long answer is below.In the formative days of the Female Wrestling Channel there...

Italian Female Wrestling – Real Female Wrestling!

Our Comments: It’s great to see this promotion surface. There is no topless or nude as they are out to push real female vs female competitive wrestling. They are slowly building a roster of ladies you probably have not seen anywhere else and you can check the...

Fem Wrestling Rooms – Scripted Female Wrestling

From the man who started the site:This site was inspired by my love of women’s wrestling. From the early 70′s, when I realized that females were involved in the predominantly male sport of professional wrestling, I wanted to be a part of it.Being a fan, I...


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