Sponsor $20 towards our next match!


Keep the Female Wrestling Channel and it’s ladies going strong.  Fan investment is crucial to make matches happen!


Product Description


  • The match (or matches) will be emailed to you immediately when made available.
  • You will get an email within 90 days of your sponsorship detailing precisely what your sponsorship went to match wise.  If your match cannot be completed within 90 days, we will email you to offer you a full refund or you can roll your sponsorship as an ongoing credit.   We keep meticulous track of all transactions, and have a very visual way of seeing everything in front of us daily with the technology we utilize so we don’t lose track.
  • We ask for 90 days because we have experience in this business and we are realistic.  Ladies sometimes get butterflies before matches, sometimes friends/family interfere, sometimes legitimate bad things happen on match days, and sometimes schedules do not match up, no matter how hard we try.  A multitude of things can happen between today and tomorrow.  You will always be refunded or credited, we simply ask you as a sponsor to understand this process up front, so you don’t feel bad if things do not go as planned right away.
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