In an effort to better serve fans of the real competitive female wrestling industry we are introducing the concept of “Reliability Scores”.

We are now offering Individual Woman Wrestler Sponsorships and want to ensure that fans and companies can invest with confidence in ladies that they truly want to see.    Further, we want all ladies to take our processes and our fans seriously and this system helps all of us with that.

Here is how this works:

  • All active ladies begin with a reliability score of “10”.
  • Anytime a score raises or falls, you can see the details as an Active Member.   Simply go to the lady’s sponsorship page you want to see, scroll to the very bottom, and you will see 3 columns.  The Sponsor Expense Log, the Reliability Log, and the Investors log.   (we only use initials for investors unless they request otherwise)
  • Ladies that fall to a reliability score of “0” will not be offered up for sponsorship to fans for the foreseeable future.
  • The goal of all ladies should be, to the best of their ability, to keep a reliability score of “10” and higher for maximum sponsorship opportunities.

Negative points assessed for the following:

  • Showing up late – not showing up on time (-2)
  • No Call/No Show (-5)
  • Rescheduling (-2)

Positive Points assessed for the following:

  • Completing a matchup (+2)
  • Being ready when someone else didn’t show (+1)

Any scheduled leaves or pregnancy will not affect scores as we will let fans know about these events as soon as we know them.

This process will be refined over time if needed.

Updated:   7/1/16

Are you ready to support your favorite lady wrestler?

Remember, this is REAL competitive wrestling.   Our outcomes are not scripted or predetermined.   Our ladies will be super appreciative if you help take them to levels never before imagined.


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