Female Wrestling Channel Rules

For members who have seen our matches so far…….they know that a good majority of the matches in the Female Wrestling Channel’s ongoing storyline are real, competitive based matchups unless marked otherwise.

Here are the rules (unless otherwise stated in a video) for competitive wrestling matches at the Female Wrestling Channel.

Standard Rules:

- Finger and Toe Nails must be clipped
- All piercings must be removed.
- Ankle, Knee, Wrist, and Elbow protectors are encouraged, but not disallowed.
- No standing up.  All action must be on the knees. 
- No slapping or hairpulling unless otherwise agreed upon.
- Arm bars are not allowed.
- Headlock Submissions are not allowed.

The “Only” Ways to Win:
(Ladies can win via pin or submission)

- Leg Scissor submissions – (around the midsection or head only.)
- 10 second pinning submission with the opponent’s shoulders down.  (Can be schoolgirl pin, cross body, reverse schoolgirl pin, physically pushing the arms down, or variants thereof.   Shoulders must be forced down for a consecutive 10 seconds to score a fall.)
- The Body Muffle/Breast Smother – (Ladies can use their legs, backside, stomach, breasts, to muffle her opponent to the point where a tap is scored – When breasts are used, $10 is donated to Breast Cancer Research)

Why do our ladies use the uniquely female movesets we use? – READ HERE.


In-Match Penalties:

* 1st offense – Non-penalized lady gets “lock” position against penalized lady.  (Penalized lady on back, opponent in mount position)
* 2nd offense – Penalized lady loses a fall and non-penalized lady can score a pin in 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds for the following fall if she chooses to go for a pin finish instead of a submission finish.
* 3rd offense – Penalized lady loses a fall and non-penalized lady can score a pin in 3 seconds instead of 10 seconds for the following fall if she chooses to go for a pin finish instead of a submission finish
* 4th offense – Penalized lady loses the matchup and receives a disqualification.

Qualifying Penalties:

- Standing up in a matchup
- Punching, striking, or slapping someone…….. intentional or non-intentional
- Hairpulling with the hands (unless otherwise agreed upon – triggers a 3 second count)
- Knees, elbows, or kicks to the face.   (Anything deemed reckless or intentional will result in an automatic DQ)
- Kicking someone hard in the body could result in a penalty or DQ.   Pushing off of someone with the feet will be allowed as long as it’s not deemed a kick. 
– Pinching, biting, or intentional scratching with the nails
- Choking – Any choke lasting longer than 3 seconds could trigger a penalty.
- If ladies go off the mat……….the lady deemed “in control” will be penalized.
- Eye gouging.  Intentional or un-intentional.
- Using pressure holds, arm bars, or un-qualified submissions.   (ie:   sleeperhold, full nelson, etc)
- Intentionally twisting someone’s wrists or ankles in angles they are not meant to bend.   The goal is pins and submissions, not broken bones.

Calling a “Stop” and “Unqualified Submissions”:

(What is a Stop – Effective Episode 44 we are going to allow ladies the ability to “stop” the match. Ladies can stop a match for any reason. It could be a Charlee horse, it could be a broken nail, it could be because they got pinched, or got their hair pulled, doesn’t matter.)

We do not allow unqualified submissions at the FWC.   The only qualified submission maneuvers allowed currently are the leg scissors (around the body and head) and the body muffle.  If a lady has to “stop’ during a fall she loses the fall and will not be assessed a penalty.  If she submits because of an unqualified submission, it will be reviewed to make sure it wasn’t “indeed” qualified.  In the case that it is “not”, and thus, “unqualified”, a coin flip will take place, and the girl who wins the coin flip will get lock position and will only have to secure a 5 second pin, instead of the normal 10 seconds for a victory on that particular fall.  

(Loser of the coin flip will still have to get a 10 second pin or submission)

On a second unqualified submission in the same match, from the same girl, it will be assessed who should be blamed, if blame can be assessed, and a penalty will be charged.   The non-penalized lady will now only have to secure a 5 second pin, instead of the normal 10 second pin, on the next fall if she chooses to use a pin move.


Effective Episode 52………falls that result in a “draw” will result in the next fall having a coin flip.   The winner of the coin flip will start the fall in lock position.  Both ladies will only have to secure a 5 second pin instead of a 10 second pin for that fall if they choose to secure a pin move instead of a submission.   On the next fall, as long as as there is not a draw previous, then falls will return to a 10 second pin count.

Time Limit:

15 minutes per fall is being reduced to 10 minutes per fall as of Episode 52. 

Any additions or subtractions to the rules will be added to this page.  

Last page update – 3-26-2015. 

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