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– Instant access to every single FWC full length Episode and FWC Extra on this website in download and streaming fashion and all the new ones we release for 1 full year from the day you sign up.

Episodes that cannot be viewed/downloaded on this site unless you are a member:

Episode 40 – Monroe’s Big Test – Cheyenne Jewel vs Monroe Jamison (Real)
Episode 38 – Ivy – London Rain vs Ivy Hiss (Real)
Episode 35 – No Wrestling, just Story
Episode 33 – Dogfight – Ashley Wildcat vs Electra Jamison (Real)
Episode 32 – Ambush – Foxy Rain vs Monroe Jamison (Scripted Finish)
Episode 31 – Impromptu – Johnny Ringo vs Monroe Jamison (Real-Mixed)
Episode 27 – No Wrestling, just Story
Episode 20 – Electra Jamison vs Monroe Jamison (Real)
Episode 18 – Dropping the Hammer – Monroe Jamison vs Hammer Flair (Scripted Finish)
Episode 16 – No Wrestling, just Story
Episode 14 – Monroe is Riding High – Monroe Jamison vs Bella Mamacita (Scripted Finish)
Episode 12 – Haley’s Training Day – The Phoenix vs Haley Davidson (Mixed – Scripted Finish)
Episode 11 – The Monroe Jamison Celebrity Challenge (Scripted)
Episode 7 – It’s Raining London – London Rain vs Johnny Ringo (Scripted Finish – Mixed)
Episode 4 – Two is a Crowd – Monroe Jamison vs Savannah Scissors (Scripted Finish)
Episode 3 – Revenge in Mind – Monroe Jamison vs Savannah Scissors (1st fall real – Rest is Scripted Finish Wise)
Episode 2 – More than they could Chew – Hammer Flair & Johnny Ringo vs Savannah Scissors & Monroe Jamison (Scripted Finish – also, Monroe Jamison takes on Savannah Scissors at the end of Episode 2 in REAL action)

– Most FWC Extras, matches with SCRIPTED OUTCOMES, and FWC Extra Training Videos can be viewed by members only.   Select FWC Episodes with scripted content and outcomes may only be viewed by members as well.

FWC Extras/Challenge Matches that cannot be viewed/downloaded on this site unless you are a member

– Dirty Tactics – Jayde Jamison vs Monroe Jamison – (Scripted Finish)
– Dirty Tactics Part 2 – Vanessa Vilano vs Monroe Jamison (Scripted Finish)
– Dirty Tactics Part 3 – Callisto Strike vs Monroe Jamison (Scripted Finish)
– Planet Carmella – Carmella Ringo vs Monroe Jamison (Scripted Finish)
– Callisto Trains – Callisto trained on real wrestling moves by Monroe and Scarlett
– Hello Lilith Fire – Lilith trained on real wrestling moves by Carmella and Monroe
– Back to the Basics – Carmella retrained by Monroe on real wrestling moves
– Valentina Begins – Valentina Vicious is trained by Scarlett Squeeze on real wrestling moves
– Keep or Discard – Monroe and Scarlett decide to “Keep or Discard” possible new real wrestling moves
– The Dominant Blonde – Ashley Wildcat as a bitchy office secretary who pushes around a female employee (Scripted Finish)
– The Dominant Blonde – Part 2 – Ashley Wildcat in Part 2 of The Dominant Blonde (Scripted Finish)
– Becoming Scarlett – Scarlett beats Monroe with various real wrestling moves (Semi-Competitive Scripted Finish)
– Female Fight Club – Scarlett and Monroe fist fight and try to win a fight against each other (Scripted Finish)
– Training with Vayne – Volume 1 – Bruce Vayne trains Monroe on real wrestling moves
– Bruce Vayne vs Monroe Jamison – Real Mixed Wrestling Action (REAL)
– Monroe trains Ashley Wildcat on Real Wrestling Moves
– Hammer Flair vs Monroe Jamison – Real Mixed Action (REAL)
– Dreams of a Champion – Ashley dominates Monroe every which way possible (Scripted Finish)
– Scarlett Squeeze & Carmella Ringo – Their first ever real wrestling practice prior to Episode 41
– 2 is a Crowd – The Remix – Ashley Wildcat and Monroe Jamison do a replay of Episode 4 (Scripted Finish)

– Many articles on this website are for Members Only.   Currently:  10+

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– We offer a full 72 hour money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason after joining and will refund your $99 in full.

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