How to Sponsor a Custom Match at the Female Wrestling Channel

(For Companies and Individuals)

What female wrestling company in the world allows you to influence the next part of the story by paying for EXACTLY who you want to see go at it next as a fan?   If you are a company, have you thought about advertising to our audience of female wrestling fans and letting them know about your product, cause, service, website in our videos?   


Our stated goal (and company mission) is to take Female Wrestling to the next level.  The storyline is unfolding to eventually offer an ongoing video “reality based” storyline where we invite girls and guys from all over the world to come and wrestle on our mats.   The motto at the Female Wrestling Channel is that every woman should try Female vs Female Wrestling at least once!  The beauty of what we do is the fans never know who is going to win or who is going to lose, nor do we.   The majority of our action is 100 percent real competitive wrestling unless marked otherwise.   This is not only female vs female, but male vs female as well.

We are trying big things.   For instance, one of the performers, Monroe Jamison, launched “The Monroe Jamison Celebrity Challenge” via video.  She is challenging female celebrity types from all around the world to come and take her on in a match here at the Female Wrestling Channel.  So, this is a very exciting thing for us and we think little things like this are going to create a tremendous amount of buzz going forward for ourselves and for those who sponsor us.  

What do you get as an Sponsor at the Female Wrestling Channel?
Below are the Prices, Options, and Details.  

$99 per year.  

- Find the performer that you like the best and then navigate to her performer’s page and click on her personal sign up link at the top of her page.  Doing so is quick and easy.  Find the performer you want to sponsor on this page HERE and sign up through the sponsor link on her page so she will get a recurring financial credit each month for your sponsorship assuming you stay on board with us.   You can sponsor our girls at no additional cost to you, and we encourage you to do so, because it gives them an opportunity to build a long term income from their efforts in this business venture

For Fans who want to Sponsor Us:
(Want to see a particular “Performer” vs a particular “Performer”?   You can make it happen quickly!)

(Competitive and Scripted Matches – Female vs Female or Female vs Male)

FOR COMPETITIVE BOUTS – $250 for a best of 5 fall competitive matchup.  If you have special stipulations, clothing, or anything you want included in the matchup, please clear it with us first, and make sure that you have the materials to us on time.   Add $50 for 7 falls.  Add $50 per girl if you want them in bikini wear.   All girls have the right to accept or reject any scenario or clothing scheme and will do so before any money changes hands.

FOR SCRIPTED BOUTS – $100 fee plus $25 per hour, per girl, per estimated hour.  You write the script, email it over, and we will let you know how long we think it will take.  We will give you a full quote after we have received your script.  We generally don’t accept scripted bouts unless it makes sense storyline wise.  Know that most will be rejected until we find a way to have a 2nd site or something that doesn’t confuse new fans.   Our main push is real wrestling.


- Want us to send you a DVD of the video and have the girls make you a personal thank you, directly to you, or your company, at the end of the DVD just for your eyes?   Add $50. 


- Want to be a participant in the videos?   Want to wrestle one of our girls?  Prices start at $500.  Most of our girls do not wrestle unknown men, but you are free to ask about availability.  Most will require you to Skype with them to get to know them first, perhaps multiple times.   This is not Wal-mart.   Ladies are free to reject anybody or anything they don’t feel comfortable with for any reason.    Contact us for complete details.

For Companies who want to Sponsor Us:

For $300

Have two performers of your choice go at it! 
(Contact Us for Match Scenarios, the Current Storyline, and Current Availability – CLICK HERE)

– (1) 30 second video advertisement in our next upcoming script.  You can produce the 30 second clip or we can produce it for an additional fee.
– In the video preview posting of the match you will receive prominent advertising, a permanent hard link in the posting, and a solid blurb about what you do will be included in the posting with your sponsored script.   This provides great short and long term value.
- We will do a posting on your company and put it in our links section.  This will also be long term. 
– We would have the girls do a direct plug for YOUR COMPANY on the sponsored video.  

If you are a business, this is an example of how that product plug could go:
** We will write a script for you after payment and won’t go with it until you approve it **

Camera shoots to one of the girl’s talking on the phone.

Camera shoots to two females stretching out on the wrestling mats.

GIRL 1:  I must say.  (Your Business Name’s) website really changed my purchasing habits.
GIRL 2:  What are you talking about?
GIRL 1:  Well, they have such a nice selection of (Product 1), and (Product 2), and (Product 3).
GIRL 2:  That’s very interesting.   I will write that down.   What’s the website address?
GIRL 1:  It is………(spells your website name out letter by letter).
GIRL 2:  Hey!  Is that one of the items from (Your Business Name)?
GIRL 1:  Yes.  Why do you ask?

Girl 2 then shoves Girl 1 to the floor.

GIRL 2:  Because I think it would look better on me!
GIRL 1:  Did you just push me down?   What has gotten into you?
GIRL 2:  Well, I am a little sick of your attitude.  I appreciate your tip on (Your Business Name), and I will be going to the website, located at ( but I didn’t come here to chit chat.   I came here to KICK……..YOUR……….BUTT!

Girl 1 drags herself off the floor and dusts herself off.

GIRL 1:  You just made a big………..BIG……..mistake.
GIRL 2:  Oh, we will see about that!

(then it escalates into the featured wrestling match for that script)

The above is an merely example of how things could go, but we would agree on the wording, including any product placements you would like to send for inclusion, and so on.

For $2000
Buy a 10 Match Pack

– To further maximize your message……….. short and long term………you can buy sponsorships for 10 videos at a bulk discount and get consecutive, show after show advertising to really drive your offerings home hard with a 30 second video advertisement in every video.  Want your company plugged in the videos over an extended time?   Would you like your company to be a permanent part of our storyline?  Have T-shirts you want to send?  Promotional items?  Banners we could put up before the matches?  Mats with your logo?  What else?   We will work with you on the storyline, how to incorporate you, and how to maximize your exposure the best way we can mutally agree upon.

For $2500
Sponsor a Single Lady (or Male) of your Choice

- Want to become the Exclusive Sponsor for one of our girls and take them off the market for a little bit?   This investment will cover the next 10 matchups of the Performer you choose as long as they are under no current commitments.  Do you think that one of the ladies (or males) on our “Performer’s Page” would be a good endorsee for your product or service?   We will ask the lady or guy you choose, and if they accept, you will get your company listed on every page that the performer appears on, including their social network websites, Model Mayhem websites, and so on.   Everytime we advertise a video that includes the girl of your choice, your company will be advertised, plugged in each video including your girl, and linked right along with it in the promotional advertising.  Even if you don’t renew, your advertising, nor your links, will ever be taken down.  Contact us for full details.

What package above would best suit you?

Please CONTACT ME for details, payment arrangements, and how soon we can get you started with us.
- Johnny Ringo -

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