(For Companies and Individuals)

FOR COMPETITIVE (REAL WRESTLING) BOUTS – $399 for a best of 5 fall competitive matchup.  If you have special stipulations, clothing, or anything you want included in the matchup, please clear it with us first, and make sure that you have the materials to us on time.   Add $200 for 7 falls.  All girls have the right to accept or reject any scenario or clothing scheme and will do so before any money changes hands.

FOR SCRIPTED BOUTS – $299 for up to 2 hours worth of shooting approx.  You write the script, email it over, and we will let you know how long we think it will take.  Or, give us the elements you want and we can write the script. We generally don’t accept scripted bouts unless it makes sense storyline wise or if it’s something we are comfortable with doing.   Our main goal, and time priority, at the Female Wrestling Channel is REAL female competitive mat wrestling matches so please understand those matches will always take first priority.

If you are a company or business, you can sponsor an entire episode for $999.   We have to approve your business beforehand, but the episode will be made free to the public long term and added to our “Free Episodes” section here on the website.     They get a lot of views!    We will also work your business in creatively with plugs throughout the episode and will approve everything with you beforehand script wise.

PLEASE NOTE:  Keep in mind with all options above, when we bill you, you can select the “Paypal Credit” option and have 6 months to pay off your amount to us, to Paypal directly, in any increments you choose.

To get started or for more info:

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