How to Sponsor a Wrestling Match at the Female Wrestling Channel

(For Companies and Individuals)

(Want to see a particular “Performer” vs a particular “Performer”?   You can make it happen quickly!)

(Competitive and Scripted Matches – Female vs Female or Female vs Male)

FOR COMPETITIVE BOUTS – $500 for a best of 5 fall competitive matchup.  If you have special stipulations, clothing, or anything you want included in the matchup, please clear it with us first, and make sure that you have the materials to us on time.   Add $200 for 7 falls.  All girls have the right to accept or reject any scenario or clothing scheme and will do so before any money changes hands.

FOR SCRIPTED BOUTS – $300 for 2 hours worth of shooting.  You write the script, email it over, and we will let you know how long we think it will take.  We will give you a full quote after we have received your script.  We generally don’t accept scripted bouts unless it makes sense storyline wise.  Know that most will be rejected until we find a way to have a 2nd site or something that doesn’t confuse new fans.   Our main push is real wrestling.


1.   You invest totally and completely on your own.
2.   You invest alongside other fans and spread out the investment cost.
3.   If you are a company or business, you can sponsor an entire episode for $750.   This will give you 5 – 1 minute ad spots in the video that you will provide to us.  If you want us to provide them, it will be an additional $100 per 1 minute advertisement we produce on your behalf for your product or service with our performers.   (Your episode will be made free for public viewing to get the maximum number of eyes on your investment)   

Fans:   We will offer match scenarios you can purchase alongside other fans.  If you want your own scenario, send it to us for approval.  
Businesses:  You can combine with 4 other companies at $150 a piece to sponsor an episode in tandem.

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