To Ladies around the World: How to Challenge one of the Ladies of the FWC to a Real Matchup!

Ladies:   You can view all of our Preview Videos to get a sense of what our action is like – HERE
Ladies:   Read the Female Wrestling Channel rules for a sense of what to expect on the wrestling mats – HERE

Please watch this video before filling out the interview below.

One of the goals of the young Female Wrestling Channel is to allow for the opportunity for ladies from anywhere in the world to come and take on one of our guys or girls of your choosing in a “Challenge Series” matchup.   These matches may or may not be tied to our ongoing storyline.

How this Works:

– You decide what girl or guy you want to face.
(Want to have a female friend wrestle alongside of you?  We can do TAG TEAM competitive matches as well starting in 2014!)
– You cut a video (we can write the script or you can) where you challenge them to a matchup.
– They will cut a video in response where they accept or deny your challenge.
– If both parties accept, the match will go up for crowdfunding (think, and depending on what we decide the fans will have 7, 10, or 30 days to make the matchup a reality through small or large contributions to the match fund.
– Fans will be able to invest amounts of $5, $25, $50, $100, or fund the matchup in it’s entirety.  We can also have companies pay for the match in full and we can give them advertising in the full length and preview video for your matchup.
– We like to give fans “perks” for each level of investment.  The more they put in to see the match happen, the more we like to give them.   Could be things like a personal thank you video from the girls, signed autographs, DVD’s of the match, photosets, and anything creative we can think up.  

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