– View all of our Preview Videos to get a sense of what our action is like – HERE
– Watch our Free Episodes at the following link to get an idea of how our storyline and characters mixed with real wrestling all works out – HERE
– Read the Female Wrestling Channel rules for a sense of what to expect on the wrestling mats – HERE

How this Works:

– You make $300 for participating in a “Challenge” matchup win or lose.   You make an additional $200 if you win. 

– We can provide up to $200 in travel if you come to our facility in West Lafayette Indiana.   If we come to you, we would prefer to film it at your house, or somewhere we can rent out cheap for about 3 hours. 

– Our real wrestling features uniquely female moves.   It’s all mat based, on the knees, and though it’s challenging it’s much safer than Pro Wrestling or MMA. 

– It will only take about 20 to 30 minutes to train you.   After that, filming the acting and the wrestling shoot will only take between 1 hour and 2 hours.  It would be a good idea to block out 3 hours total just to be safe.  Anything over that will be paid at $50 per hour though our goal will be to get done in the time alloted. 

– Whether or not this challenge match happens will be decided by our fans and your fans.  

– If you would be willing to make a short challenge video on your Iphone or video camera, it would be a nice touch, and will most likely bring more investment to the matchup.

– If you fill out the interview below do so only if you are a reliable person and know it.  If you are sick the day of the wrestling match, have cramps, a bad period, we are still going to need you to wrestle especially if there is travel involved on either of our ends.   In some cases, we can give a day or two, but we always have to have advance notice so we can let investing fans and companies know what’s going on.   If you have a history of unreliability, and you are not willing to fix it right now, please do not waste our time or yours by filling out the interview below. 

– You make 5 percent of the net revenue on download sales for the rest of your life off of each and every video you film with us.

– If you get 3 wins with us on the mats, you get an FWC uniform to wear in future matches.

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