To the Critics of the Female Wrestling Channel

The convention miscalled modesty has no standard, and cannot have one, because it is opposed to nature and reason, and is therefore an artificiality and subject to anybody’s whim – Mark Twain

I think it’s about time I write a posting here about Female Wrestling and the perceptions that people have about what we do.   Granted, I started this company in one of the toughest places in the world to start a female wrestling company.


Why would this be a challenge you ask?  For instance, we feature no nudity.   We have a cast of wonderful girls who are very awesome people in real life and on camera.  We feature real, competitive action where the ladies go at it with everything they have.   The girls dress sexy.  Just like the girls you see on the WWE, or the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, or even models you see around the world who pose in little bikinis for a countless number of magazines or photographers on a daily basis.

We understand that sexy sells and we embrace it.

However, some of the negative perceptions that people have imagined have become all too real for our detractors.  It’s not only stopped ladies who would have came on board, and who would have been absolutely excellent at this, but it also has seeped to my current performers, and now it’s time to draw a line.

We have had some family members (and some friends) of the girls tell them that this will lead nowhere, that they are stupid, that we live in a bubble, that there is no way this will possibly become anything, and that the girls who are doing this are going to have their future career opportunities hurt as a result of this.  Really?

And, we have also heard a few times that we do is akin to “Soft Core Porn”.  

And, one of my performers who departed the roster recently, not only did a match with us, and had no problem with it, but then claimed that my girls have “no self respect”, that they are a bunch of whores, and that they are “degrading” themselves by participating in this.

As you can see………’s not been all sunshine and roses.   These detractors have been small in number, however, they have made their voices loud.

Now, I’m going to make my voice loud in response.  

Let’s address the claims made above one by one.

1.   What we do is akin to “soft core porn”.

Description of what Soft Core Porn is on Wikipedia:

Softcore pornography is pornographic or erotic film or photograph that is less sexually explicit than hardcore pornography. Softcore pornography is intended to arouse men and women and typically contains nude and semi-nude performers engaging in casual social nudity. The visual representation of genitalia (full nudity) is common in printed media,[1] and increasingly so in film[2] and television.[3] Softcore pornography also typically contains depictions of sexual activity, such as sexual intercourse or masturbation. The sexual activity is typically simulated. Softcore pornography typically does not contain explicit depictions of vaginal or anal penetration, cunnilingus, fellatio and ejaculation.

A.   No, it’s not.  In any way, shape, or form.   Soft core porn involves nudity.   It also often involves sexual activity.  It can involve a man and woman, a woman and a woman, or a man and a man.   Nothing on this website remotely resembles soft core porn and this is a claim that has absolutely no basis in reality.

2.   My girls have no self respect.

Says who?   Has anyone tried asking the girl’s individually?   What does self-respect entail?  

Definitions of Self Respect:

- A proper respect for one’s self as a human being

- A personal regard for one’s own standing or life position 

I think that anyone who claims that someone else doesn’t have respect for themselves might take a look in the mirror.  An often used trick in human psychology is to use people as a social mirror for your own fears and whims.  For instance, if a girl is constantly harping on a guy about cheating on her, the chances are very high that SHE has been cheated on in the past, and is unfairly using her boyfriend as a social mirror for her past issues.  The majority of my girls not only have plenty of self-respect, but love doing this, and can see past the forest for the trees.

You will find when examining another person’s standard, it’s always done, by looking down. – Mark Twain

3.  But, some men and women masturbate to this!

This is really an interesting one for me.   Human beings ejaculate to all kinds of things.   Ass, breasts, feet, lips, cake farting, flogging, bsdm, horses, dogs, cats, men, women, volleyball players, guys on TV, girls on TV, NBA players, MLB players, on and on and on and on and on and on!

Out of all the people in the world, and all of the objects in the world, is it not a humbling thing if someone is taking time out of their day to humble you with such an expression of gratitude?   In fact, perhaps, one of the ultimate forms of gratitude?   Some people will turn their nose up in prudish form and claim this is a bad thing. 

No it’s not.  Everyone does it.   The people that don’t do it end up raping children and becoming killers.  I don’t appreciate people putting one standard on my girls that you clearly have not followed yourself in your lifetime.   Human beings “get off” on all kinds of things.   Please don’t label what we do as only a vessel solely for that purpose.  

In many people’s haste to define us with this claim, please realize that there is much, much, more to what we do than simply sex appeal alone.  

4.   The Girls are degrading themselves by being a part of this?

What in the hell does that really mean?   “Degrading”?   As in, they are doing something that is below their capability or interest?   They are performing in something that automatically makes them LESS of a person than someone else?  This argument has very little basis at all.  It’s a subset of the social mirror argument above.  Someone else doesn’t like this so they are imposing their life values onto you.  If something is degrading it can only be in the eye of the beholder.  There is no other way.  What one person finds degrading another one finds exciting and wonderful. 

I would like to make a list of you who think this is degrading, and I want to keep it, because I might feature a show sometime where you get to go head to head with female wrestlers all over the world and tell them TO THEIR FACE what they do is degrading.    Then, we will see how well this argument works out for you as fans will watch my girls completely destroy your arguments.   The invitation is open. 

5.    This will Lead Nowhere.

Says who?   We are growing on a monthly basis.   My most popular performer almost has 900 likes on Facebook at the time of this writing.   We get more and more emails daily and lots of messages of support.   Again.   Who says this will lead nowhere?    How do they know?   What proof do they have?    Do they say it will go nowhere out of general concern for the girl involved or is it simply because they personally hate what we do?   Can anyone provide me concrete proof this will go NOWHERE and that we live in a bubble?    The podium is yours.

6.    The Girls future opportunities will be hurt as a part of this.

This is really the most amazing one for me.   Keep in mind that every girl that works for me right now, per hour of time she spends with me, makes more than she does at her other jobs via hourly pay EASILY, when everything begins to become averaged out.   We are still very small.   Just got started in April of 2012.   Women do not grow up all their lives dreaming of becoming our brand of female wrestler.   What we do is totally new.  I get that. 

It’s always hard starting something new.   That’s when the criticism is generally at it’s highest and most fierce for a new venture.  

But, let’s consider. 

Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler both are two names that you never would have heard of it it wasn’t for one Vince McMahon of the World Wrestling Entertainment.   Torrie currently has 140,000 fans on Facebook.  Stacy has 174,000 fans.   These two ladies wore outfits WAY more revealing than my girls on TV for Vince.  

Torrie even engaged in a brief lesbian angle on screen with Dawn Marie in one of the WWE’s storylines.   I remember Stacy being involved in similarly racy angles in her time at WCW and at the WWE.

Torrie Wilson is now dating Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees.   He is one of the most desirable and wealthiest men in America.   Stacy Keibler is dating another famous guy you might have heard of.   His name is George Clooney.  One of the most well known and best looking actors of this past century. 

Because Stacy Keibler chose the path of wrestling……………….look where she is now!  
(From early 2013)

My goodness.   Is that president Obama sitting there?    Yes, indeed it is.  Can we please be told again how our girls have no future at this?   How what they are doing is bad?   And how it’s going to ruin their careers?   How they are whores?  How they are stupid?   How what we do is “soft core porn”?

Again, I want to make it clear that 99 percent of our feedback has been positive and I can prove this publicly.   For those that don’t like us, and try so hard and desperately to get into the mind of my Performers, I leave you with the advice of Ben Franklin and the original motto of the United States before “In God we Trust” was formed.

“Mind your Business”.   Mind your business and we will mind ours.   The floor is open below in the comments section for anyone who wants to chime in on this issue.  

- Johnny Ringo -

PS.   Want to help us fight these perceptions?   Want to invest in someone who cares about this stuff as much as you do?   Money talks!    Please get a subscription and show us that you are behind us and what we are doing 100 percent.   Be sure to sign up on your favorite girl’s PERFORMER’S PAGE so that she will get a sponsorship point and the financial credit. 


  1. A thoughtful, fair and reasoned argument. Prudishness will always be the enemy the freedom of expression, having fun, and living one’s life with excitement and challenge.

  2. Very well said!

    I would not call this softcore porn. If anything in the female wrestling universe is, it’d be any of the topless/nude sites available. I’d equate this more to the Olympic wrestling style. So would that make Olympic wrestlers bad? lol

    As a friend of mine put it once: Attraction is attraction… Stimulus is stimulus.. What turns someone on may not turn another person on..

    It is a shame that there are people who would work so hard to see another fail. I wish you all the best in your venture and continued fight against ignorance.

  3. After being a female wrestling fan for many years, I know exactly what’s happening.It seems “UN-natural” ” for some reason. We all remember the ‘ole days when women would never fight in movies always (due to some idiot guy preventing from being ladies) Yet the men in the WWF wrestle practically naked.And that’s ok..For the ladies anyway. This has been a “thorn in my flesh” for many years trying to figure this out.. Why it is ok for guys to fight, wrestle in every way possible, Yet when two woman are involved everybody freaks out.! At the end of the day I guess it is called a “fetish” (just because they are women wrestling, instead of men) And hang it there, These ladies carriers who quit will end up now-where anyway.

  4. Yes, I would say over a good half of them are. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you support us!


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