Episode 25 – It’s Raining Foxy – Foxy Rain vs Monroe Jamison

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Last episode we saw the return of London Rain

This episode, her sister Foxy Rain, is anxious to jump into the action here at the Female Wrestling Channel.   And, she wants to show everyone she has zero fear as she challenges our top girl Monroe Jamison right out of the gate.

To Monroe’s surprise, not only did she find Foxy to be a handful, but suddenly she is plunged into one of her toughest matchups yet. Will Foxy Rain shock the Female Wrestling Channel world and upset Monroe Jamison in her very first time out?

Or, will Monroe do what she has done to every single other girl who has tried to face her, and hand Foxy Rain a loss?

There is only one way to find out!
RUNTIME:   34 minutes and 4 seconds

This is a best of 5 falls real female vs female wrestling matchup!

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This is available for immediate download!  Click the "Purchase Only" or "Login & Purchase" button (below) to view in less than 1 minute.
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