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For months we have heard The Hammer say that he no longer wants to be a part of the Female Wrestling Channel.

More important than that, his main concern was ensuring that his girlfriend would never find out that he was a part of our venture.

After the events of Episode 27, Hammer is feeling good.  He told Johnny Ringo to take a flying leap and he is now free from the FWC forever……….or…………..so he thinks. 

That is until he comes home, and his girlfriend, Sinnamon Steele, discovers the Hammer’s secret.

As she flies into rage as Hammer cannot escape the specter of the FWC.  Meanwhile, at Ringo’s, Foxy Rain is absolutely dying for someone to face as she has been stood up for matches by other females three wrestling matches in a row.

Suddenly………..Sinnamon arrives at  Ringo’s looking for Monroe Jamison.   Instead, she finds Foxy Rain.

These two ladies have a lot of aggression to get out and things are about to explode.

This is a best of 5 falls real female vs female wrestling matchup!

Real Wrestling!


EPISODE LENGTH:   21 minutes and 21 seconds long

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