Combining Sports + Sexy!!

In 2012 we started this out of our tiny apartment selling one video at a time.   Now, we primarily shoot out of a huge multi-purpose space in Indianapolis that you are free to rent from us.

Would people like this?

Would people support it?

Do people want to see stuff like this?

The answer is yes.

It’s now 2018 and we have well over 1,000 paying customers from all walks of life from all over the world.

Instead of worrying what a few pessimistic people might think about this strange and wonderful little world, here was our thinking:

Advertising agencies and companies around the world have paid big bucks to have attractive ladies in advertising for centuries now.    We tend to find these ladies a little bit boring.   They don’t move, they stand in place.   The job they do is challenging, but we take aim at a different type of woman.

The type of woman that doesn’t want to be a cardboard cutout like the rest.   Where people might know her face, but they will not know her name.

Or her power!

At the Female Wrestling Channel these beautiful ladies come to life.   Real action.   Almost like something out of a comic book that kids and adults alike sit up late dreaming about.

It got us thinking………….

Is it possible that the ladies could outsell the men when it comes to wrestling in time?

The men have always had a monopoly on the market it seems.

The Female Wrestling Channel is a place where we show that women are sensitive, feminine, but also surprisingly and shockingly strong and fierce!

“Woman” (as she likes to be called) is wild and unpredictable.   You know this in real life and we know this here.

REAL Women’s Competitive Mat Wrestling.   That’s what we do.   We also offer scripted match options and photosets, but have no qualms about saying that “real and competitive” is our favorite.

We also offer content from other producers from around the world as well!

Here are all of the ways you can enjoy the Female Wrestling Channel.


We have produced our own videos since 2012 and we recently have started offering videos from others as well.   Most of our real competitive wrestling videos are priced at an average of $3.99 a piece.   We realize the ladies and the content is sexy, but we do not produce or re-sell NUDE material here at the Channel.

The Episodes

We produced the first ongoing story ever in the female wrestling world that involved REAL and totally unscripted outcomes when it came to the wrestling matches.   The story and acting was scripted, but not the wrestling!    Not only does the story show a lot of real drama at times, but it also talks about the wider challenges of the real women’s wrestling business at this very early stage in the game.   We are the first to ever try to do something like this and you will see and feel the real life challenges and triumphs as the story progresses.

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FWC Extras

When we first started out, we would sometimes have the ladies get together to train or do falls, but we would not film it.   After getting many emails from fans saying that they like seeing all of us NOT in character, we decided to start our FWC Extras series.   FWC Extras are GENERALLY not related to our ongoing Episode based storyline.  It’s a place where everyone can be themselves.   Sometimes, we might say things we are not supposed to, but we just let the camera roll!   The vast majority of our FWC Extras consist of real, competitive wrestling matches.   Matches that fall into our FWC Extras category does not count on the ladies official win/loss records.

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FWC Photosets

We use the photosets to showcase the ladies in wrestling situations OR we use the photosets to showcase them as they are in real life.

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FWC Scripted

Sometimes, you just want to see a wrestling situation played out.   In competitive matches, you can’t control who wins and loses.  Afterall, the wrestling is real!   We are selective on what types of scripted matches we offer and we only let members view/purchase scripted videos we have produced.   If you are a logged in member, you can see our scripted video collection and purchase them at an automatic discount based on your membership level.

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Videos and Content from other Producers

Due to our name, it makes a lot of sense for “the Female Wrestling Channel” to be a place that hosts different types of wrestling as men in general love variety when it comes to women.   We will be teaming up with various producers, models, and even fans who have content that they want to sell here on the Channel that passes our standards.  The way it works at the time of this writing is that the producer gets an automatic 70 percent of the sale and we keep 30 percent.   In some cases, MEMBERS get automatic discounts when logged in if the content producer allows for it.   This was started in December of 2017.

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Articles and Media

Most of our articles will be free, but some with more important information will be for purchase or only viewable by members.  Look soon for interviews with ladies and gentlemen from around the industry.   Also, look for different writing series to be started by different writers.  Right now, the owner of this website has a series called The Ringo Letters where he writes about his experiences with this business and women in general.

Click here to view Articles and Media

If you are in the women’s wrestling industry right now and would like some ideas on starting your own series here at the Channel, CONTACT US.

Meeting the Ladies in Person:

After a lot of trial and error over the last 3 years since we began offering this, we are continually trying to improve our process where it’s safe and fun for the ladies involved and the fans.

We have an awesome, awesome track record of smiling faces and lots of laughing (and soreness) on both sides.

It’s important for fans to remember that the majority of the ladies we work with have full time jobs and full time lives.   Thus, we need to make it profitable for the ladies to meet you plus we need to ensure that it is safe and a lot of fun at all times.

We currently offer 3 mechanisms:

– Meeting the Ladies in person (called a “Meet and Greet”)
– Having the Ladies put you in our wrestling holds to see if they can pin or tap you
– Wrestling one of our Ladies competitively in a safe and fun wrestling match where she has some advantages moveset wise.

Click here to read the full details on the above 3 options

Talking to the Ladies via Skype, Phone, or Social Media:

The best way to get discounts on your favorite lady is to sponsor her directly if she is active.   Details will be located on her profile page on how to sponsor her monthly to get the best discounts.


Did you see a few plugs about being a MEMBER here at the Female Wrestling Channel on this page?


We offer a lot compared to competitors.   No recurring charges to ever think about if you choose membership as an option.   You can choose between 2 month, 4 month, 12 month, or lifetime membership options.  With our videos, we offer a download AND a streaming link, every single time.  Every single video.  This way you can watch on your cell phone or computer, no matter where you are.  On our photosets, we don’t “zip” them up anymore.  We put them all on a nice, private webpage that you can easily view on a phone or a computer.  You get discounts on scripted videos produced by us, content produced by others, and we are always trying to improve and add things to the membership.

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The absolute most important thing that keeps the Female Wrestling Channel running strong is fan sponsorship.

We have worked extremely hard the last few years to develop a system that is friendly to fans that we are continually attempting to improve.

It’s important that ladies that do this make good money for the time they expend.

There is absolutely zero way you would be reading this right now if not for about 40 or 50 fans who have put in good sums of money to make this all possible through sponsorship or mixed wrestling matches against our ladies over the years.

There have been 900+ more fans at the time of this writing who have bought videos or done other forms of business and you wouldn’t be reading this without them either.

The biggest challenge we face is getting you guys and gals to invest a little bit in the matches every week or every month.

If this starts happening consistently, you will see a lot of new matches and a lot of new ladies!

All we ask is to sponsor whatever amount you can depending on your current income level if you want to see more ladies here and see this concept grow!

  • If you can do $400 or plus per month, you can own a share of the video profits long term and get a lot of other perks as well
  • If you can do $100 or plus per month, you will find we will do a lot of cool things for you that most companies in this genre do not.
  • If you can do $25 or plus per month, you can extend your membership on the website over and over again and keep your discounts on an ever increasing amount of products and services we will continue to offer.
  • If you can do $5 or even $1 per month………….DO NOT HESITATE!    Every single little bit helps and it signals to us that you are thinking about us and our operation.   IT IS APPRECIATED!

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