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The Female Wrestling Channel aims to serve the entire non-nude women’s wrestling industry going into 2018.    Fans, producers, models can share their content on the FWC and get paid a split of the percentage each time a sale is made.

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Along with other products and services we will be introducing, we also have been producing our own style of REAL women’s competitive mat wrestling since 2012.


  • The wrestling WE produce is real unless marked otherwise.    We now offer scripted videos from other producers and sometimes produce scripted (predetermined outcomes) videos as well, but rarely!
  • We do not decide who wins or loses in advance.
  • The majority of the women have no prior experience.
  • The ladies and gents are IN character in the video Episodes.
  • FWC Extras are videos where we normally are NOT in character.
  • Photosets are used to showcase the ladies in different looks and competitive wrestling situations and so we have promotional pics for them, rather than cell phone selfies!  🙂
  • We currently have the best prices in the entire worldwide female wrestling business at .99 cents per full length video.
  • We greatly encourage our ladies to wear proper padding on the mats.  We will continue to improve in this area!
  • Many of our storylines are things that happen in real life, that we retro-fit for our “story”.   Makes writing easy!
  • The leg scissor (and headscissor) submission is a sexy looking move, but also an extremely effective submission.
  • The breast smother is a sexy looking move, but is also an extremely effective submission.
  • The schoolgirl pin (Leg Trap Pin) is a sexy looking move, but is also an extremely effective pinning manuever.
  • We have WRESTLING RULES that we follow that are posted for the public.
  • We are the first competitive female wrestling company to have an ongoing story, characters, and real wrestling outcomes that is attempting to “mainstream” and normalize real women’s wrestling.
  • Our colors are gold and white.
  • We wrestle on 10 foot by 10 foot wrestling mats. We will not perform matches on a surface area smaller than this under any circumstances for safety and mobility reasons.
  • When ladies do not wear knee, shin, or padding on the top of the feet, these areas are often left bruised, battered, and cut/scuffed up from wrestling.  With this said, some ladies do not like padding as they feel it hinders their wrestling ability as not all ladies bruise at the same rate.  We give ladies the option to choose.
  • We use puzzle piece mats and roll out mats.
  • We have 3 Cameras capable of live streaming, 4K, and HDR.
  • Members get option to view the streaming and download version of each video.
  • Customers and Members receive both a download AND streaming version for every single video they purchase, or log in and watch.
  • We provide plenty of pictures, and a trailer video, with every single new release so our customers can make the most informed decision possible on every purchase.
  • We were the first company in the competitive female wrestling business to offer public skype chats with fans around the world.
  • We will never have nudity.
  • We are continually working hard to improve the mixed wrestling industry for the ladies involved and fans who want to participate. We do an interview process.  Say “no” a lot more than we say “yes”.  This is because we care greatly about safety for all participants, male and female alike.


Our Episodes show bits and pieces of the Female Wrestling Channel starting to slowly come together and form as a company.  The progression of the characters.  And, we sometimes intertwine real life points of view within our fictional storyline.

Johnny Ringo and Monroe Jamison are an ambitious, “sometimes” boyfriend and girlfriend duo…………..who begin this journey for very different reasons.

For Johnny, he was a former female wrestling fan who never felt the ladies go their due on TV. The women were always “the back card”. Johnny believes that REAL female wrestling is far more interesting and engaging then (so called) “PRO” wrestling matches that have pre-determined and pre-scripted outcomes.

For Monroe, she has always been looking for something to call her own. She has lived a life where one thing after the other has been taken from her, often by nefarious and forceful means. After finding out on the wrestling mats that she could be tough, and after learning that she could be an effective business woman, Monroe’s confidence has grown leaps and bounds from the early episodes.

Like Johnny, she sees the potential in REAL female competitive wrestling as well.


The ways in which these two want to present the product to the world differ…….GREATLY.

Monroe wants people to recognize what we do as a SPORT. She routinely defeats men and women, sometimes 2 and 3 times her size, in real competitive female mat wrestling matches. She wants men and women to EXPERIENCE it in person.

She wants people to RESPECT what we do.

Johnny thinks this is an adult product. (+18 only – even though we feature zero nudity and never will) – He prefers shooting videos privately in houses and apartments. Though he has made statements about taking the FWC mainstream in the story, that was never his plan. He has no interest in having sponsors/advertisers rule the product, or having crushing regulations introduced by governments around the world if the company gets too big.

While Johnny sometimes tries to compel ladies of his roster to work as a team, he is truly only interested in teamwork for others, not himself. He likes the women wearing whatever they want so they can showcase their inborn personal expression. Johnny believes that men are animals by nature, and should be nowhere near the ladies.

At events OR even wrestling in them in what the industry calls “Mixed Wrestling” matches.

Monroe disagrees.  She doesn’t want the ladies wrestling out of houses or apartments.  It’s de-legitimatizing in her view.  She wants crowds, arenas, kids at the shows. Uniforms for the ladies. Better protective padding. Sponsors, Distribution, and a more sophisticated setup as opposed to simple wrestling mats and cameras.

Johnny wants none of this.

His only interest in starting the Female Wrestling Channel was to simply have a job (that he enjoys) to make enough money to get by.

Monroe claims that Johnny is an “evil man” and that fans know nothing of his past. Monroe’s goal is to take the company away from Johnny. She thinks he is a bad influence and she believes that SHE is the woman that has kept his company going the entire time.

Johnny sees Monroe’s current value to the company, and can’t fire her, but is more than willing to push her aside when the “right” ladies in his view eventually come on board.

To say that Johnny and Monroe have a GIGANTIC conflict of interest would be an understatement.

Who is going to win this battle?

Johnny or Monroe?

And, how will the other female and male characters influence all of this?   Will they end up becoming the focal point of our story instead?


What makes the Female Wrestling Channel incredibly unique, is that while we have characters, and a pre-scripted story, our wrestling is REAL.

Not predetermined. Not pre-scripted.


Where does a story like this go? We never know. Nor do the fans.

– We do not allow the violence and bone breaking moves of the UFC and MMA.
–  We do not jump off of top ropes or attempt theatrical circus moves like the WWE and TNA.
– We don’t allow point systems as our fans prefer a winner and a loser.
– This is real female mat wrestling and our MOVES benefit the woman in our style of wrestling matches.
– With mats and a camera, we can go anywhere.
– You never know who might show up or what might happen in our next episode!!

(This website contains no nudity – Characters do sometimes cuss.  Ladies do sometimes wear sexy outer-wear.  The Ladies do use what could be deemed as sexy looking moves to put their opponents down.  If this is an adult product, how does all the sex, violence, and strong language you see on mainstream TV and Movies get a PG-13 rating……we ask?)

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