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5 foot 1
Weight:  115 pounds
DOB:   1991

Bella, Bella, Bella!

Bella Mamacita has arrived at the Female Wrestling Channel and this is a young latina with a lot of fire and a quick temper.

Fans of the genre haven’t seen a combination of spunk and trash like Bella brings to the table for quite some time. Bella’s opening matchup (on Episode 6) was against Haley Davidson as Monroe Jamison put the two together for a matchup.

The primary reason that Bella keeps leaving the FWC is not because she doesn’t like it.

It’s not because she cannot be good at it.

She simply was in a time period in her life where she was having children with her real life husband, and had to leave for periods of time each time a new baby was born.

One thing is for certain. A lot of fans out there really like this young woman.

If she will ever return or if she will dedicate herself to wrestling is an open question, but if she does, the fans will be glad to see her back.

Bella has been pondering returning as of late!!!!!

Do you want to see Bella Mamacita return?

CONTACT US and let us know if you are up for SPONSORING a competitive or scripted match with her in it.

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