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Height: 5 foot 4
120 pounds

Buffy Ellington arrived on the scene in quite the unexpected fashion. Lillian Grey dragged her into a matchup on Episode 37 and seemed to think that the nice, bubbly, and super sweet Buffy Elllington was going to be a walk in the park.

Buffy proved Lillian’s notion wrong totally and completely. Then, after Episode 37 she was not seen again and did not return any of Johnny’s phone calls or texts.

Suddenly, in 2016, Johnny notices on social media that Buffy needs her phone fixed. He asks if she wants to do a match.

She says………..sure!

After going up against Lizzy Lizz for the very first time on Episode 73 and getting her first real challenge on the wrestling mats, Buffy returned on Episode 78 and brought her wrestling game to a whole new level.

Can we expect Buffy Ellington to be a surprise contender here?

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