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Height: 5 foot 6 
Weight: 125 pounds
DOB: 1994
Current Location:  Lafayette Indiana
Company Who Does Primary Filming:  The Female Wrestling Channel
Available For Mixed Wrestling:  Yes
Current Cost to Sponsor a Competitive Matchup With This Lady:   $597
Current Additional Cost to Drive or Fly A Lady to Face This Lady or To Fly or Drive Her To OpponentCONTACT US
Currently Willing to Promote YOUR Match on Their Social Media:  Yes

Callisto Strike is a woman that never thought she would be a competitive REAL woman wrestler.

It turns out she is pretty good at it!

As of 2018, she has been wrestling with us for a few years now and is becoming increasingly hard to pin or tap on the wrestling mats.

In our Episodes, her storyline began on Episode 60 as she debuted as the long time rival of Scarlett Squeeze.

Whether or not Callisto will ever be the champion of the FWC is an open question, but one thing is for sure, she fights hard out there and her head scissors ARE TO BE FEARED as she can apply the move very quickly from a number of angles!

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