Height: 5 foot 6
Weight: 120 pounds
DOB: 1994

In our storyline, Callisto Strike came to Indiana to chase old high school rival Scarlett Squeeze.    The reason for their long term antagonism was never revealed and Scarlett dominated the day in all of their matchups.

Since Scarlett has been gone, Callisto has brought her game to another level.

She never had much of a finishing move other than the chest smother before, but now she routinely and aggressively hunts for ladies heads during matches as she has gotten extremely good at putting on the headscissors from various angles.

The biggest credit to Callisto is her wrestling defense.

She has taken on ladies and gents of all shapes and sizes and has not been pinned or tapped very often in 2017.    She is very good at getting out of holds and she has really good stamina and feels that the longer the match goes……..the more it’s in her favor.

Callisto is very busy in the real world and would love to dedicate more time to training and working out, but it’s up to the fans!

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