Height: 5 foot 3
Weight: 118 pounds
DOB: 1992

Young Carmella Ringo always lived in the shadow of her entrepreneur minded, mysterious brother, Johnny Ringo.

He would leave for months at a time in her young teenage (and adult) years and her big brother wasn’t there many times she needed him.

After finding out that Johnny had went MIA again………..she snooped around and found out that he had started a new women’s wrestling wrestling promotion.   After looking it over and seeing what her brother was doing with it….. it occurred to her…………….that joining the Female Wrestling Channel would be a natural fit.

It would not only be a way to get out her aggression in life on the mats, but also to prove to her brother Johnny that she is worthy, as she feels like she has overlooked her all of her life.

Johnny wasn’t happy about it when she started and he is not happy about her being here now.

Why………has never been revealed.

Carmella might look small, but she is very strong, quick, and is one of the fiercest competitors on the wrestling mats in FWC history as ladies large and small will tell you.

She is a cunning young lady who will use any advantage she can get out on the wrestling mats if she feels the referee is not looking.

Will she be a top contender?

Will she be a champion?

Will she win the respect of her brother Johnny?

In 2017, Carmella went missing once again as she has done a couple of times already in our story.    Will she stay away for good this time or will the thrill and glory of competition bring her back to the mats once more?

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