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Ladies looking for Fans/Producers

Producers looking for Fans/Ladies

Fans looking for Ladies/Producers

Built with Wrestling Fans, Producers, and Models in mind!

  • Fans from around the World:  – Ideas – Post classifieds on the types of custom videos or photosets you want to see from producers and models who are reading.   Or, are you looking to take a lady on in mixed wrestling?   A classified letting ladies know where you are willing to travel geographically and other details might be a good idea.   Want to let producers/models know you are available for work of some sort?   Do you have female wrestling related items that you want to sell?   Are you looking for a certain type of woman to sponsor?    Do you have space that you would like to rent to people in the industry?   Are you looking to skype or phone chat with ladies in the industry?   Are you looking to make friends and connect with like minded fans?   What else?
  • Models and Ladies of the World:  – Ideas – Set up a classified stating what type of female wrestling related work you are looking for and what services you offer, such as custom videos/photos, mixed wrestling, phone calls, meet and greets, events, etc.  Be sure to target it to wrestling producers and fans of the industry.  If you are wanting to keep your classified fresh with your traveling dates if you are a traveler, you can change your ad as many times as needed throughout the year.   Ladies who are looking to get into the industry and entertain offers are encouraged to put up an advertisement as well, no matter if they have tried any style of female wrestling or not.   What else?
  • Wrestling Producers from around the World: – Ideas – Do casting call postings for new female and male talent.  Let fans know what you offer.   Let fans know about events and happenings.  Advertise your website.   Include a free video or piece of content within the classified.  Include a video and pictures of yourself and your production if you wish. Post a new classified or request an edit (and re-bump) of an old one if you have a great promotion going on.   Post requests for wrestling equipment or spaces you are looking for.   Post a survey for fans to fill out regarding your business about what you do well and what you can improve.  Tell fans what ladies you have available.   Tell fans what custom requests and services you are currently offering.  What else?


  • Ads are $25 per year.
  • Ad re-edits are $5.  You are free to have us re-edit your ad as many times as you wish over the course of the year.
  • Your classified will have a contact form embedded so your personal email information is not shown to anyone.  People will fill out the form through this website to contact you and it will go directly to the email you provide to us.
  • We are happy to embed up to 10 pictures and up to 3 videos for you in each classified posting you purchase if you want to make it highly visual.   (highly recommended!)
  • You are free to keep your classified short and sweet, or you can write a novel.   Totally your choice based on your own personal substance and style.
  • You are free to let people know who you are and show pictures of yourself or you are free to remain anonymous.  Your choice.
  • No recurring billing.  You pay one time and we will contact you when your year is up to see if you want to renew.
  • We may reject your ad depending on the subject matter.   Feel free to contact us first if you are not sure.
  • The first 10 ads are going to be absolutely free.   What are you waiting for?   This message will disappear when the orders are fulfilled!