Content Partners

We want to serve the Industry.    You.

The goal is to work for the producers and models of this industry, day in and day out.     We will be an open book.   Giving you advice (or an ear) on daily challenges while simultaneously trying to help you with new ideas and collaborations.

We will showcase videos and content from a wide variety of producers, models, and even select fans.

This was going to be our goal when we started way back in 2012.    However, the technology wasn’t quite there yet, nor was our knowledge of this industry.

A consistent challenge for any producer or model in this industry, is that men prefer variety.

Monroe Jamison and I are very used to telling customers “no”.   We don’t do that.  No, we don’t have that type of girl.  No, we don’t do things in a ring.  No, we can’t currently make it to your area.   Etc, etc, etc.

Monroe and I have done an absolutely incredible amount of outreach the last 6 years.   Many fans tell us we do so more than anyone in the industry by far.   We have a huge stream of messages we can reply to where fans have asked us for things that many of you producers have, that we don’t produce, or never will produce!!

A true win/win.

Goal being to give fans a wide variety of content to choose from……….from producers like YOU.


  • We ask for a 70/30 split on content you list for sale with us.   We not only host your video, but provide a download AND a streaming link of your video for our customers so cell phone users can easily watch as one example.   (feel free to ask for these links at any time after we generate them if you want them for your own use)
  • You will get paid INSTANTLY every single time one of your videos/content makes a sale on our website when customers check out with Paypal.   We also have Stripe (Apple Pay) and Amazon Pay active on the website and we are adding more options in the near future as a good number of customers can’t use Paypal or do not want to do so.  On these sales, we will either pay you daily when the sale happens or weekly at the latest as we always want you to be paid and have cash flow as quickly as possible at all times!   No waiting for checks or cash flow and you will always know when a sale is made.  (you must have a Paypal account and provide us with your Paypal email)
  • Charge any price you want for your content.   You can change prices once per month.  We would strongly recommend letting us give a 10 percent discount to monthly members and a 25 percent discount to lifetime members.  These are generally big time fans that will appreciate the discount and will most likely make both of us more sales because of it.  However, this is not required!!
  • No content with nudity will be permitted.  Neither will overly fetishy content, which we will determine with you in advance on a content by content basis.   We will be certain to let you know why content was rejected for future reference.
  • You can host videos, photosets, interviews, or articles FOR SALE OR FOR FREE on the Female Wrestling Channel.
  • Your content will be promoted alongside ours in our newsletter, social networks, and on industry message boards.
  • Our job (daily) will be pushing fans to content on our site and YOUR site that matches their tastes.  (Pro, Scripted, Competitive, Bodybuilders, BBW, Grapevine pins, Piledrivers, Blondes, Brunettes, etc,  etc, etc)
  • You will have the opportunity to crowdfund your matches from our fans and yours on our sponsorship page.   We charge 10 percent per transaction and we can set it up where you are paid instantly on each transaction at 90 percent.   For more info, simply ask.
  • We will recruit new ladies for your company for an agreed upon fee.  (if you wish)
  • We will let you use our multi-purpose studio in Indianapolis, Indiana anytime you want to use it for your shoots at a big discount.  (it’s huge, we have a green screen room, interview room, a studio recording room,  conference room, event room, and more – always remember that your content must be non-nude )
  • We are opening up ladies that work with us to work with everyone.   This is assuming the lady is ok with your type of wrestling and assuming that you don’t put her content on Clips 4 sale and sites like it, as most of the ladies (not all) that work with us are usually “not” good with that.   However, we are going to be finding many that are ok with it too!  Just let us know your needs.
  • We will link back to your website in every single posting of yours “IF” you do not have any nude content on your website and if you don’t host overly fetishy content – (facesitting, ballbusting, etc to be determined at our discretion)
  • If you DO host overly fetish or nude content, and you have non-nude videos that you can host with us that fit our standards, we can simply use a label for your company.   If your company is Super Wild Wrestling Women – we would simply put “SWWW” in the title, with no link back to your website.  (if you have non-nude social networks, we can link to one of those instead)
  • We run coupon specials every month or so to get new and old customers purchasing content.   You can choose to opt in or opt out when we run coupon specials.   We recommend opting in.  Because we have a checkout system on the site, fans tend to buy multiple items at once, ESPECIALLY, if they are getting a discount.
  • We offer free content to people who join our newsletter plus a coupon code.  We highly recommend offering a couple of your videos for free so people can see what you are all about.  Feel free to join our newsletter yourself and when you confirm your email address, you will be taken to the page with the content and the code.
  • Whether or not you participate in this program with us, if you are a producer/model who creates content for this industry and wants a FREE lifetime membership to this website to check out the content, simply CONTACT US to request access.

Why do we think we are a good fit for this?

Our website name, for one.

“The Female Wrestling Channel” is a name that is better served by serving the WHOLE industry, rather than simply competitive wrestling content produced by us and us alone.

Data, for two.

We are very good at communicating with our fans.   Keeping data.   We know what our fans like, dislike.   We do constant surveys.  We record stuff from emails in our database.   As we said, the fans like variety!

Interested Ladies, for three.

Another thing we do well is keep track of the ladies we attempt to recruit.   We have all types of ladies interested nationwide and around the world, but it’s going to be impossible for us to get them all on the Female Wrestling Channel.   However, it’s much easier to push these ladies to producers in this industry (YOU) that might be having a hard time finding new/fresh talent.   We can simply ask these ladies (and new ones we continually come across) if they would be interested in working for you.

Technology, for four.

Another thing we do well?     Technology.    We are good at leveraging technology towards our goals, and we are getting even better in this area.

We want to continue creating new fans, rather than having a bunch of producers fishing in one small pool.

Our job is to attempt to make you more money.

Want to get started with us?

Do you have an easy way for us to get access to your content?   If not, simply send us 2 to 3 downloads to begin of videos that you want to start on our website or go ahead and send us all of them!

If you want us to pick out some videos on your website that we would like to start with, that’s fine too!

Things to keep in mind if you want to send us content right now:

  • no nudity at all please
  • must be female wrestling related, mixed is fine
  • competitive or scripted is fine
  • send along preview videos if you have them for each piece of content
  • send pictures if you have them (if not, we will cut approximately 6)
  • send the description
  • send the video/content and the above to the email below

Email me at or you can give me a call at 765-505-2093.

Looking forward to working and growing with you!
– Ringo –