Women Wrestling - Real and Competitive!


  • Are you willing to help pave the way and contribute to something greater than yourself?  Ladies all over this world could use an opportunity like this
  • Are you making meaningful connections in your life?   You will not only work with some of the coolest ladies you will ever meet, but you will also meet fans from all over the world, from all walks of life
  • Do you know WHO and WHAT you want to be in life?   You can work this all the time or just some of the time, no matter your current life situation
  • What needs do you have that are being suppressed or not possibly met?    If it’s fitness, connection, more money, more attention, then feel free to read on


  • You can be trained on our style of moves within 45 minutes.   The vast majority of the ladies you see on our website did not wrestle a day in their life before we contacted them.  In fact, we have seen new women beat our established veteran ladies their very first time out after learning the moves after only 45 minutes of training!   Have fun and come in with confidence.
  • You do not have to quit your job or anything you are doing currently
  • You can keep this gig your entire life as long as you show up when you are scheduled
  • You must be the type of woman that shows up on time OR you must commit to showing up on time starting TODAY if this has been a challenge for you
  • Matches involving you will happen when our current fans sponsor you or when you direct your fans/our fans to sponsor you or when we simply pay out of our own pocket to get you on the mats
  • Again, it’s crucial that you show up on time and ready to go on days you schedule with us as we will be advertising to fans in advance that you are coming and charging them for the opportunity to sponsor you.   This is the primary requirement of working here.   Be ready to go and show up on time
  • We travel all over the United States.   Fill out the form so we can contact you when we come to your area, which most likely will be very soon.    You are also welcome to travel to us in Indiana


  • $100 for you to make your filmed debut with us.  You must block out 4 hours for a photoshoot, a scripted match, a training video where we teach you how to wrestle for real, and a best of 5 falls matchup against another lady or male


  • Competitive Wrestling vs fans or other ladies:   $200 when you win, $100 when you lose or draw a best of 5 falls competitive matchup.   $125 when you win and $75 when you lose or draw for a best of 3 falls matchup
  • Offense/Defense vs fans or other ladies:   $25 if you draw and $50 if you win EACH fall
  • $100 for Scripted Matches (up to 2 hours, usually done in 1 hour)
  • $50 for Photoshoots (up to 2 hours, usually done in 1 hour)
  • You can set up Skype or Phone chats with fans and keep ALL of the money.   Charge what you want, but we recommend $5 for 10 minutes of chat.   Set these up with fans anytime you wish any day per week
  • You make 20 percent on any sales you send to our website, anytime you want, with a special link we create for you that tracks your sales


  • You are free to participate, even if you don’t promote your matches.  However, our desire is to work with ladies who we can make the most amount of money for
  • Once you make a 4 hour commitment with us through text, phone, facebook messenger, you are legally obligated to show up on time and ready to go.   Please do not work with us if you see this being a huge issue for you because of immaturity or young age
  • Women of all shapes, sizes, income levels, social media levels, backgrounds, ethnicity, and age (over 18) are free to fill out our questionnaire below to participate
  • About Us – HERE
  • See a list of the wrestling moves we use and the current match rules – HERE
  • See the current Episodes, FWC Extras, and Photosets available to the public

“Here Is What a Training (Introducing) Video With You Would Be Like”
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“Here Is What a Female Vs Female Wrestling Match With You Could Be Like”
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These are recent videos so you can get an idea of how a training flows and how an actual match flows.



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You do not have to be wrestling here to participate.