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Height:  5 foot 5
129 pounds

Ivy Hiss made her debut on Episode 38.

Brought on by London Rain and Monroe Jamison.

Ivy and London put up one heck of a match against each other to the peak of their abilities at the time.    The match was so tough on both of them, that at the time of this writing it ended up being BOTH of their final matches at the same time.

Ivy was shocked at how tough this was and London was so tired from the match she couldn’t physically drive home.

The irony of all of this?

Johnny Ringo used to work with both of these ladies in the real world and met both ladies working at the same place.    It was neat seeing them face off against each other, but it was sad to see that it seemingly ended up being “THE END” for both of them.

Will Ivy ever return?

Probably not.

But, never say never!!!!

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