Height: 6 foot 0
Weight: 170 pounds
DOB: 1979

Johnny Ringo is the brainchild and founder of the Female Wrestling Channel.

REAL Women’s Wrestling, he screams!  Without the fake, predetermined outcomes like you see on TV.   However, what Johnny learns early on is that the world is RESISTANT to the idea of attractive ladies, wrestling each other on the wrestling mats, to determine the victor.

Johnny experiences a constant fight inside himself on whether or not to change this.

Should the FWC be made more “mainstream”?   With sponsors, uniforms for the ladies, fans in the stands?   Or, should this stay a safe, lean, mean, adult only internet operation where he keeps the jungle away from the young ladies of the FWC?

Time will tell what happens.

What we don’t know, is about Johnny’s past.

What led him here?

Why did he choose to open this company against all of the odds?

What does Monroe Jamison have to do with it?

Why does he let her get away with so much?

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