for the “SIN” of featuring…..



for the “SIN” of combining Sports + Sexy!!

In 2012 we started this out of our tiny apartment selling one video at a time.

Would people like this?

Would people support it?

Do people want to see stuff like this?

It Turns Out The Answer Is Yes.

It’s now 2019 and we have well over 1,500 paying customers from all walks of life from all over the world.

Many of these quickly become REPEAT customers.

What we do is obviously considered controversial.

However, there is no nudity on this website and there never will be!

Friendly rivals such as the Lingerie Fighting League gets AWARDS from Youtube, when we get banned, because they “play the game” and have a PG-13 certificate from the MPAA.

They fight in lingerie, actually strike and punch each other, use the same moves we do, plus more!

Is “what we do” an ADULT product?

Hard to say when Lingerie Fighting League is getting a PG-13 rating.

Hard to say……..when the guys on TV in WWE or TNA sometimes wear LESS than our ladies and have KIDS in the crowd, but they are applauded.

HARD TO SAY………when shows like Game of Thrones, with rape, incest, murder, nudity, and all of it, is perfectly fine on Youtube and websites like it!

We support ALL of the above mentioned companies.

However, for some reason, WHAT WE DO seems to be taboo.

Our response?


We work with confident ladies who defy the mold of what society tells them they “should do” or “should be”.

We work with fans from all walks of life, from all over the world, and they have helped us build this wonderful and diverse company piece by piece and step by step.

At the Female Wrestling Channel the beautiful ladies come to life.

REAL action is what we feature.

Almost like something out of a comic book that kids and adults alike sit up late dreaming about.

It got us thinking………….

Is it possible that the ladies could outsell the men when it comes to wrestling eventually?

The men have always had a monopoly on the market.

The Female Wrestling Channel is a place where we show that women are sensitive, feminine, but also surprisingly and shockingly strong and fierce!

Many men have gotten defeated in REAL wrestling action against our females as demonstrated HERE.

“Woman” (as she likes to be called) is wild and unpredictable.

You know this in real life and we KNOW this here.

Real drama.   Real emotions.   Real action!

You can find countless companies on TV and on the internet that produce SCRIPTED/FAKE wrestling outcomes.


We know this because we have shot a good amount of REAL matches and SCRIPTED matches ourselves.

There is a world of difference between the two.

The WWE, TNA, all of these SCRIPTED OUTCOME companies do SIMULATIONS of wrestling.

Our wrestling is REAL!

Unlike TV, it’s hard to know who is going to win or lose at the FWC unless you know the wrestlers and their skill levels!  

We do not train the women every week or even every month.

We teach them basic and super effective moves that are FEMALE CENTRIC in real wrestling action.

Ladies can win a match by submitting their opponent with the body scissors or head scissors, which is done by squeezing their legs around their opponents midsection or head until they tap.

One of the more controversial moves is the breast smother submission, which seems laughable at first, but ladies don’t want to discard it once they learn the move.

The chest submission is LEGAL in MMA, but guys don’t usually use it for obvious reasons.

It’s considered a female move and we use it!

The ladies can also win by pinning their opponent down with their shoulders on the mat (PINNED) for 10 consecutive seconds.

Matches are generally best of 5 falls.

To win a fall, one lady must submit or pin her opponent.

First lady to win 3 falls, wins the match.

Our Wrestling Rules

We have an ONGOING fictional story with many REAL LIFE elements in The Episodes that can be found HERE.

Our FWC Extras are simply matches to get the ladies introduced and to get them wrestling more before they appear in The Episodes.

The ladies and gentlemen generally are not in character for FWC Extras as they are simply that, Extras.

See them all HERE

We need to have images of the ladies for promotional purposes.

When we have an overflow of pictures we sell them as Photosets and sometimes it’s just one lady or SOMETIMES it’s multiple ladies posing and simulating holds on each other.

See all the Photosets HERE

We shoot a very small amount of FWC Scripted matches from time to time because some of you like the match outcomes to be PREDETERMINED.

You want your favorite woman to win or your favorite woman to lose.

See all the Scripted matches HERE

One thing we know for certain in our studies of males and females over the years is that most men LOVE variety when it comes to other women.

Thus, we understand that we may not produce content that fits your tastes.

Because of this, we offer content from other wrestling producers (from all over the world) so you can get more of the VARIETY that you crave.

See all of the content from other producers HERE


Fans who sponsor matches at the FWC have the option of making lifetime profits off the matches they sponsor.

We are currently the only company in the world that does this (in this industry) and we are most certainly the FIRST to ever offer it.

If you would like to make LIFETIME profits for simply paying a small financial amount to keep money in our ladies pockets and keep them active, it’s very easy to do.

And, you get paid automatically and instantly when a sale happens on our site.

Right through Paypal!

Log into the site at anytime to check your financial numbers.

Become an FWC Sponsor right now – HERE

Just about every single match we have ever produced can be purchased or watched on this website.

If you become a MEMBER, you get all of the Episodes, FWC Extras, and Photosets to watch free of charge along with other perks.

It’s only $97 per year or $997 for life.

Get signed up instantly RIGHT HERE

No matter if you are a member, customer, or just curious right now, we put out a FREE DOWNLOAD every single Friday if you join our newsletter.

It’s free to join and you can unsubscribe at anytime for ANY reason.

This way, you can get an idea of our substance and style before buying if you are not sure about supporting the ladies just yet.

Sign up for our newsletter in less than 1 minute and get a FREE download every single Friday! – HERE

All purchases are backed by a money back guarantee.

If you didn’t like it, we don’t want your money.

We are looking to build a long term ethical network of fans, ladies, and partners.

Keep in mind that we also feature live streams in 2019 where you can tune in live and interact with the ladies between falls.

We are looking to offer cool things like cash prizes on the streams and hope to get big names participating.

The best way to know about these events is to join the newsletter.


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– Ringo –

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