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Solie’s Vintage Wrestling

Solie's Vintage Wrestling was founded by San Francisco musician Earl Oliver. It first appeared in 1995, named in honor of announcer Gordon Solie, and was one of the earliest known pro wrestling websites to appear on the internet. Jim Ross of the WWE cites him as the...

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Online World of Wrestling

Created in 2001 and formerly known as “Obsessed with Wrestling”, OWW is a popular destination for wrestling fans to find detailed wrestler profiles, show results, wrestling photographs and a whole lot more. The website features a robust team of columnists who make...

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Rumble Matreshka

Rumble Matreshka is based in Moscow Russia, yet works with ladies from all over the world. They feature a mix of Pro Wrestling, Real Wrestling, Mixed Wrestling, Foam and Oil Wrestling, Fantasy Wrestling, and much more. Give them a look: VISIT RUMBLE...

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Alpha Catz

AlphaCatz is an EU-based producer of mixed wrestling & submission grappling content. The focus is on real competitive / semicompetitive matches, realistic wrestling hold immobilization challenges, scissors & pins domination, and featuring new, never-before-seen girls...

read more focuses on real competitive female wrestling and real competitive female vs male (mixed) wrestling. Fight Pulse has a video store where you can purchase their matches online and (at the time of this posting) they have female wrestlers Lucrecia, Emma,...

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The Official Website of Midajah

Do you remember the lovely woman wrestler Midajah from WCW? Midajah's website is about healthy living, getting in shape, working out, eating right and feeling good. She claims her goal for her readers is "True Fitness", not simply "weight loss"....

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Smash Bam Pow – The Home of Onyx

Smash Bam Pow is the home of former Wowe superstar Bronco Billie. Onyx has branched into a wide arena of wrestling disciplines since that time as she now appears in many scripted matches along with the occasional competitive mat female wrestling matchup. Here is how...

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Pro Wrestling Digest

Pro Wrestling Digest has archives dating back all the way to March of 2005 on the left side of it's very extensive front page.   You are not going to find too many news sites that have been around this long and have this much archived and easily findable content. You...

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I'm just extremely impressed with Mailchimp.  Not only are they teaching me more ethical methods in terms of how to collect emails, and when to send them, and how to send them, but the best part, is that for the first time ever I can actually see who opens the emails...

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