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Height: 5 foot 7
120 pounds

Lizzy Lizz is one of the more captivating and controversial figures that have wrestled on our mats.

She showed amazing gusto and bravery when she challenged our top lady Monroe Jamison without ever wrestling competitively on the mats a day in her life.

We didn’t write the promo at all.  She did it all herself.

But, it quickly gained her a reputation of being all talk and no show.    Later, we found out that in real life, Lizzy paid Buffy Ellington to throw Episode 73 in her favor.    Johnny and Lizzy seemed to be engaging in a hot romance on Episode 74, as he bid her to return east and continue her wrestling training.

Lizzy returned in a Challenge match funded by the fans to take on Callisto Strike, but things turned upside down.  Lizzy was furious at Johnny for not having Callisto cut her fingernails, when she had done so years prior when she took on Monroe.

Lizzy left after the 1st fall on the match above and we have not seen her since.

Good news, is we hear she continues to wrestle in the industry.    If Lizzy’s talent can match her intelligence and drive, she could be one of the biggest superstars this industry has ever seen.

Will Lizzy Lizz become a good or great at competitive grappling?

Or, is it simply not for her?

If Lizzy or any fans are reading, she is more than welcome here back at the FWC.

First and foremost, she needs to finish her chest smothers only match against Callisto Strike and maybe she can get another shot at Monroe Jamison someday if she can prove she is worth the time.


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