To begin, purchase some mixed wrestling matches to get an idea of what to expect!


Competitive Mixed Wrestling, Holds, and/or Meet and Greets with our Ladies

$200 per hour for non-members - $150 per hour for members - $100 per hour for Legacy Members and Sponsors
  • $200 per hour (per lady) for a competitive wrestling match, have her put you in our holds to see if she can pin or submit you, or you can use the time as a Meet and Greet and ask questions about wrestling and life.  Will last 1 hour.
  • Only $150 per hour (per lady) for the above if you are a 1 year member.
  • Only $100 per hour (per lady) for the above if you are a Legacy member or sponsor.
  • For holds sessions, a minimum of 12 pins/submissions per lady per hour. (if required, always lady’s choice if they want to do more during their hour)
  • Competitive Mixed Matches consist of roughly 10 minutes of showing you the moves.  Then, a best of 5 fall matchup against the lady you are facing.  If there is extra time within the 1 hour she will work with you on additional practice and wrestling moves  – or – you can simply spend the time chatting.
  • You can choose to wrestle or meet with more than one lady (if available) within a 1 hour time slot – the falls against both ladies will be best of 3 fall matchups. With the remaining time you can work on additional FWC practice and wrestling moves. OR, you can do 2 on 1 real falls against both ladies (VERY CHALLENGING!)  – or you can spend your remaining time chatting to both ladies.  It is highly recommended to book two ladies at once!

Want us to come DIRECTLY to you?

It's not often you can get ladies to come STRAIGHT to you, but we are willing to offer the service if you make it worth our while.
  • $1600 per day fee (2 hours of wrestling, holds, and/or meet and greet, your choice) – if it takes us 2 days to get to your location, and 2 days to get home, each day must be paid for, or it’s not profitable.
  • $1200 per day for 1 year members
  • $800 per day for legacy members or monthly legacy sponsors
  • Regular rates apply (mixed/meet and greet pricing, not day pricing) for any hours requested beyond the first two hours. (limit of 2 extra hours for a grand total of 4 hours total)
  • You must pay or reimburse all travel and lodging after paying day fees up front – Johnny will be present and must be included in travel/lodging cost and this is non-negotiable as our ladies are not comfortable traveling alone.
  • You must consider the size of the room being rented, and if there are mats already or not. If we have to drive or fly our mats, this will be part of the travel/lodging.
  • Day fee above is for 1 lady.  If you want to add a second lady to your trip, it’s $500 per day for non-members – $375 per day for 1 year members, and $250 per day for non-members.  Travel and lodging must be paid for second lady as well and there is a limit of 2 ladies per trip at this time.

We travel to various destinations throughout the year and we often use AirBNB. If you are taking a trip this year, and you are not signed up on the AirBNB site already, you can earn $35 towards your first trip by signing up through this link – CLICK HERE

Want to come visit us at our facility in Indianapolis Indiana? Consider riding in on an Amtrak train. We can pick you up and drop you off. Check destination locations and pricing at THIS LINK. Greyhound and flying are options as well. Allegiant Airlines often has amazing rates, depending on when you travel and where!


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(read and understand each point before proceeding)

We are only interested in those of you who are interested in a light, fun-hearted, and respectful competitive match with one or more of our ladies. They will train you on the aspects of our style of wrestling and see how you can resist being tapped or pinned. You can also take them on in real competitive wrestling in a best of 5 falls or best of 3 falls matchup.

  • We do not allow moves or holds that fall outside of FWC Rules unless we approve your request beforehand.
  • It’s important to realize that we suffer greatly as a company when one of our ladies gets injured. They suffer even moreso, because of the immediate pain, and the long term wear and tear that they face every single time they wrestle on our wrestling mats. The match will stop immediately if you are extremely overaggressive and warned more than once.  You will not be refunded. The ladies will show you beforehand how to roll gently and keep your knees grounded while wrestling hard and competitively.
  • We want you to be safe as well. The ladies will be coming at you hard as they are eager to prove themselves. Be sure to wear a cup, kneepads, and if you sweat a lot please bring multiple shirts or shorts if required.
  • If you don’t want to wrestle the ladies competitively, you can also have them put you in their holds to see if they can pin or tap you.
  • If you don’t want to wrestle the ladies AT ALL, you still may qualify to meet them in person!
  • Our wrestling style is designed to benefit the female. For example, as a male, you will not be able to use the breast smother submission on a female, but she will be able to do so on you. Most males generally go for the cross body pin and the leg scissors in our style of action. All of this will be explained in person before we begin. Go into this knowing the female has a slight advantage due to our style of movesets.
  • There are some things we absolutely do not tolerate. If you feel the need to talk dirty to the ladies – touch them inappropriately – attempt to engage in back and forth “crap” talk leading up to the match – we ask you not to fill out the interview in advance. Proceed with us only with the highest respect for the ladies and males present – with good intentions – or please do not proceed.
  • We agree and respect the philosophy of the author of this September 2002 article on WB270 entitled: “Advice to Guys on Mixed Wrestling“. A great read for old and new mixed wrestling practitioners.
  • We offer competitive wrestling to gentlemen under 250lbs and semi-competitive to gentlemen over that weight limit unless you have been pre-approved by us.

Here is how this works:

  • Active Members get discounts on mixed wrestling, hold sessions, and meet and greets.  1 year members receive 25 percent off and lifetime Legacy members or sponsors receive 50 percent off.
  • A male FWC representative will be present at all matches for the safety of the ladies, to carry heavy things for them, fetch things they need, and to help YOU as well only if needed.
  • The ladies will apply FWC Moves only on you. If you don’t know what the FWC Moves are, we suggest first checking reading our RULES.  We keep our prices low so we can get more folks interested in what we do.
  • You are to be clean and smelling good. If you are not sure about attire, be sure to ask first. A clean T-shirt/A-shirt, clean shorts, and a cup is generally what we recommend. We also highly recommend knee pads, ankle protection, and foot protection if you have it.
  • We will want to talk to you on the phone or skype before you pay us any money. Please understand that multiple phone calls after the fact, or multiple text messages, may get ignored if they are repetitive and for non-business purposes. You can become a legacy sponsor or member if you want the privilege of paying to talk to our ladies via skype or phone as that is the only way to do so unless they contact you personally or respond to one of your messages.
  • We require payment upfront in all cases.  If something falls through, we will refund you or make it right.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If you are late for your appointment for ANY REASON we cannot refund you or extend your time. We have already spent our time planning things with you, setting up the location in anticipation of your arrival, and the ladies are now already pre-scheduled and expecting payment. Be certain to make plans to travel to the area we are in, be sure to account for traffic, and don’t show up too early either as we may be finishing up with other clients. You might find a coffee shop or something really close by so you insure you are on time. Plus, when we travel to certain locations, it is completely dependent on the people in that locale to pay our way there, and keep their commitments, and that is one of the many reasons we are very selective about who we offer this service to.
  • We honor our commitments and keep in touch if anything needs rescheduled. If you pay us, and then require a refund because of something that changed in your personal life, please give us up to 30 days to refund it in full if done well in advance of the mixed wrestling matchup. This is especially important if we are traveling to an area because we use the funds up front to secure lodging, to pay the ladies involved, the trip itself, and many other associated costs. Please honor your commitments if you choose to do this and we will do the same or make it right.
  • We have the right to reject service to anyone for any reason. This is not your standard Wal-mart product or service. The service offered here is clearly a privilege, and by no means a right.


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