Mixed Wrestling is when a man wrestles in a woman in a wrestling match.

Sometimes the mixed wrestling is REAL and COMPETITIVE like we feature here at the Female Wrestling Channel.

Sometimes the mixed wrestling is SCRIPTED and the winner is decided before the match even begins.

If you are a fan OR just starting out……ask yourself……..

“Do you Like to WATCH Mixed Wrestling?”


“Do you Like to PARTICIPATE in Mixed Wrestling?”



Mixed Wrestling Videos!

For those who like to WATCH Mixed Wrestling:

You can see much of the content below COMPLETELY FREE or DISCOUNTED if you BECOME A MEMBER.

For those who like to PARTICIPATE in Mixed Wrestling:
  • You must be a Lifetime Legacy Member to be eligible to participate in the options below.
  • Book a Pin and Submissions Session where one of our ladies will put you in each one our wrestling moves to see if they can pin or tap you. Each session lasts 5 minutes.  Ladies can trash talk you and put you in our holds.  $50 for every 10 minutes (per lady) and you must book an a minimum of one hour to participate.
  • Book an Offense/Defense Session where our lady is on OFFENSE and YOU are on DEFENSE.   $100 per fall and you must book a minimum of 3 falls with a maximum of 5 per lady.
  • Book a Fully Competitive match where you get to see if you can pin or tap one of our ladies or survive them in a full matchup.   $200 per fall and you must book a minimum of 3 falls with a maximum of 5 per lady.
  • All Legacy Members get the option to make LIFETIME profits on their own videos above through our FAN SERIES program.   You get paid instantly and automatically for the rest of your life when someone purchases your video on this website at a 50 percent split!    We are the first wrestling company in the ENTIRE world to introduce this and our Legacy members LOVE it.
  • Filming is included in these prices, even if you don’t want it public on the fan series and simply want it as a memento for yourself.
  • Advantages of working with us include a FULL money back guarantee.  Sometimes, when you do business with a lady individually, she may not honor her commitments.   With us, we will help ensure she arrives, handle the scheduling, and refund you in full if anything happens to arise.
  • Further advantages include the fact that we provide a PROFESSIONAL atmosphere as you do not have to look over your shoulder in a hotel situation like most ladies offer.  We even have traveling mats and dividers with our logo on it so we can turn any large room into our “set” within minutes.
  • If you are waiting for news on us coming to your area, the best way to keep up on that is to JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER.
  • Want to participate?   CONTACT US TO SEE IF YOU ARE A GOOD FIT!

Mixed Wrestling - Callisto vs Tom - Headscissors - 2018

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