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Mixed Wrestling - Carmella Ringo vs Jason - 2019

“Do you Like to WATCH Mixed Wrestling?”


“Do you Like to PARTICIPATE in Mixed Wrestling?”

  • Book a Pin and Submissions Session where one of our ladies will put you in each one our wrestling moves to see if they can pin or tap you. Each session lasts 5 minutes.   $100 every 5 minutes.  
  • Book an Offense/Defense Session where our lady is on OFFENSE and YOU are on DEFENSE.   $100 every 5 minutes.  
  • Prices above are slashed by 50 percent off if you are a Lifetime Legacy Member.  
  • Filming is included in these prices.  For your very own personal video or to re-sell on our website.  
  • Make money lifetime when we film you if people purchase your video/s in the future.  (optional, ask for details)
  • Fully Competitive Female vs Male Matches are only made available to people we have a high trust level with.   
  • If you are waiting for news on us coming to your area, the best way to keep up on that is to JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER.  
  • Questions?   CONTACT US

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Mixed Wrestling - Amity Churchill vs Oscar - 2019

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