Here are the minimum requirements to be on the Female Wrestling Channel roster:

  • You have an active Paypal account. (It’s free, if you dont have one, we will create it for you)
  • You agree to show up on time when you schedule something and respect the time of everyone involved. (Last minute, same day re-schedules cost you $50, no call/no shows cost you $100)
  • You agree to not sell or solicit to fans directly without our prior permission. No funds from fans should ever go directly to your Paypal account without our permission or through any other means unless pre-approved with the company.
  • With the exception of FWC Extras where you get paid, if you want to train to get better on the wrestling mats, you have to schedule non-paid time with us. There is a ton we can show you.
  • You must do your own hair and makeup. Providing your own outfits is preferred, but we provide some on a limited basis. Uniforms will be designed and made in the very near future.


  • Filmed Episode matches: Female vs female – best of 5 falls matchups pay $200 to the winner and $100 to the loser. Most matches take 5 minutes to 50 minutes to complete depending on the skill level of your opponent and your own skill level. Episode based matches count towards your win/loss record.
  • You receive a $10 pay bump on each Episode based match you win and a $5 pay bump on each additional match you lose for the rest of your life. You also make an additional $100 every single match you win if you become the Female Wrestling Channel champion.
  • Filmed FWC Extras and Photoshoots: You get paid a $50 fee for videos we shoot as FWC Extras, additional segments, or photoshoots. These generally do not take more than an hour or two to shoot and often serve as a way to get paid taking photos or engaging in wrestling practice. FWC Extra matches are generally not storyline based and do not count on your win/loss records.  Note:  On select FWC Extra matchups you will be paid much more than $50.  We will always inform you ahead of time what you will be doing and what you will be making.
  • Matches and Photoshoots are scheduled around the real life schedules of the ladies, so we generally will have to schedule the above with you in advance.
  • We will provide lodging for ladies out of state. Trip charge can be negotiated.


Ladies who have appeared in at least 3 wrestling videos will have the option of scheduling 4 hour blocks to work with us to make additional money on your behalf. Our preference is to work with you the same day and time every single week for consistency purposes, but this is not currently required.

The primary thing you will be doing when you work with us for 4 hours each week is reaching out to fans. It’s actually a lot of fun. This will be done primarily on social media through a character profile we create on your behalf.

There are no glass ceilings on what you can earn and we will provide all of the training.

Here are the ways you can make money on the advanced level with us:

  • We will pay you a guaranteed $5 per hour to work with us no matter if you sell anything or not. (it should be mentioned that we have a large and growing fan base that is absolutely thirsting to hear from the ladies that make all of this possible. You will make really good money if you do this each week)
  • You can work a maximum of 4 hours per week with us on combined marketing on your behalf. Your matches and photosets will not be done during this time.
  • For ladies that are more than 2 hours away we pay a 20 trip charge in addition each time they attend.
  • Ladies who we deem trained and “ready to go” can work as much as they wish from their computer at home.
  • You make 20 percent on any autographs or posters we sell on your behalf or that you sell on our behalf.
  • You make 20 percent on any sponsorship that you get fans to put in for our matches. At the time of this writing we offer fans $20, $50, and $100 options.
  • You make 50 percent on any skype calls you do on your own time at your home or at our facility.
  • If you decide to opt-in to intergender (man vs woman – often referred to as mixed) wrestling you will make $125 per hour on solo matches and $75 per hour if a 2nd lady is involved if done on location at our facility in Indiana. We prefer to do our mixed wrestling matches with 2 ladies and 1 guy, to give the ladies a bit more breaks in between, and because the ladies really seem to enjoy wrestling 2 on 1. You will make $50 per hour when you travel with us on trips as we will cover all lodging and trip expenses. You will always have a second lady with you and a male representative on these trips.
  • You always get paid same day.

(you make a percentage of each of these outlined above. Example: If you get a fan to put in $100 for sponsorship, you make $20)

We no longer offer individual sponsorship. Sponsorship is for matches as a whole for the entire company and roster.

  • $20 (you make $4)
  • $50 (you make $10)
  • $100 (you make $20)

Autographs are currently 8 X 10 a piece

  • $40 for non-members (you make $20 per)
  • $30 for 1 Year Members (we pay $15 per)
  • $20 for Legacy Members (you make $6.25 per)
  • Video Confirmation of you signing the autograph is an additional $25 no matter the membership level. You make an additional $12.50 each time we do this, and almost everyone takes this option.
  • $5 must be added to the total for the customer for US orders and $10 must be added for fans outside of the US. You do not make commission on the shipping.

Autographs are currently 18 X 24 a piece. They can (and should) be signed.

  • $40 for non-members (you make $20 per)
  • $30 for 1 Year Members (we pay $15 per)
  • $20 for Legacy Members (you make $10 per)
  • Signing and Video Confirmation of you signing the poster is an additional $50 no matter the membership level. You make an additional $25 each time we do this, and almost everyone takes this option.
  • $5 must be added to the total for the customer for US orders and $10 must be added for fans outside of the US. You do not make commission on the shipping.

Skype or Audio Chat
The below is priced in 15 minute increments

  • $25 for non-members (you make $12.50 per)
  • $18.75 for 1 Year Members (we pay $10 per)
  • $12.50 for Legacy Members (you make $7 per)

Mixed Wrestling
for people that come to our facility in Indiana……….

  • $399 per hour for non-members (you make $75 per and you make an additional $125 if wrestling the man solo)
  • $299.25 for 1 Year Members (you make $60 per)
  • $199.50 for Legacy Members (you make $40 per)
  • If a second lady is added to the hour for the fan it’s an additional $100 to fan. Email us to re-calculate totals.
  • It’s an additional $100 to the fan if they are wrestling the FWC Champion. Champion will currently make $50 additional because of this on each mixed wrestling matchup.
  • You can make a 10 percent commission on sales you do for a mixed wrestling trip outside of Indiana.

For mixed wrestling, when we do trips, because we pay for lodging and travel, we pay $50 per man you wrestle on mixed, and the regular rates apply above on ladies you wrestle on trips we take.


After much discussion and thought over the years, we do not want to do LARGE events. Our setup for “live events” is going to consist of 10 person fan setups starting at $100 per fan. A new video category on the website will be created called “Meet and Greets”. Some will be filmed, some will be not. The format each time, and in each city, will involve 2 girls and a guy. The goal is to have each event be 3 hours. We can do multiple of these “mini-events” in a given area when we travel. The short term goal is to get some events going at our facility in Indiana so we can test concept.

  • $100 for non-members (you make $20 per sale)
  • You make 20 percent on the net sales of the event itself once completed. We will be attempting to sell a LOT of extras to the 10 fans in attendance.
  • We can do these anywhere in the world. The further away the location is we want to go, the more people we need to sell in that area to make it happen. Thus, we would do multiple 3 hour events at 10 people a piece when we go.
  • This is our path to getting celebrities involved. Once concept is tested, we are going after celebrities and will be involving businesses.
  • This is also the way “mixed wrestling” will be performed after September 1st. Instead of doing real, full on competitive matches against fans, you will instead be putting them in our moves to see if you can pin or tap them. At best, they can be on defense fully competitive, but they will no longer be able to perform offensive moves. (there will be a few fans that will be grandfathered in on a case by case long term basis for fully competitive mixed. Facing these fans will be optional for you)

More things will be coming and will be listed here.

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US or call Johnny Ringo at 765-505-2093.


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