What if we could offer you the ability to make a guaranteed $100 for 5 hours of work every single week…..PLUS…..the opportunity to make big money on top of that, in the same 5 hours?

You do not have to quit your current job or school to be a part of this.

The Female Wrestling Channel is currently seeking ladies who can work a MAXIMUM of 5 hours per week.  You get paid $20 per hour for each of the 5 hours you work each and every week.   ($100 total)

That’s the minimum amount of money you will make for your 5 hours each week.


Our goal is to make you as much money as we possibly can every week for the 5 hours you work with us.   You will be participating in activities below that all pay commissions on top of your hourly pay.  Truly, you could be making anywhere between $200-$500++ for only 5 hours of work every single week.

You are free to market your character we create for you here, but that is primarily our job!

You do not have to do any sales or marketing on your own personal time.

We do it all for you.   It’s our job to get your 5 hours filled up with work for you.  It completely ok for you to market in your free time if you want to make more income, but it is in no way required!  We here at the Female Wrestling Channel will work as agents on your behalf each week and promote you to our fan base and on your social media pages.

The main thing we need from you is to simply show up every week for the 5 hours you schedule with us.   We will schedule the following week with you on a day you choose weekly.

(these are paid ON TOP of your $20 per hour – 5 hour week that equals $100)

  • Filmed Episode matches:
    Winner:  $200
    Loser:  $100
    Draw:  $100
  • Filmed FWC Extras:
    Winner:  $125
    Loser:  $75
    Draw:  $75
  • Photoshoots:
    Payout:   $50 per photoshoot
  • Mixed Wrestling:  (if taking on one of our pre-approved fans from around the world – totally optional!)
    If you Win or Lose or Draw:  $100
  • Holds Sessions with Fans:   (you put fans in our holds to see if you can pin or tap them – totally optional!)
    Payout:   $75
  • Meet and Greet with Fans:
    Payout:  $50
  • 2 on 1 matches:
    Solo Winner:  $200
    Solo Loser:   $100
    Dual Winners:  $100 a piece
    Dual Losers:  $50 a piece
    Draw:   $75 a piece
  • Tag Team matches:
    Winners:  $100 a piece
    Losers:  $75 a piece
  • Scripted matches:
    Payout:  $50 per match
  • Video Interviews:
    Payout:   $25 per interview
  • Offense/Defense ONLY FWC Extras:
    Person on Offense:  $25
    Person on Defense:  $50
  • Skype and Phone Chats with fans: (you would complete these in your 5 hours here, though you are welcome to sell these on your personal time at home as well at full commission to you, at any price you want to sell them hourly)
    Payout:  $30 per hour
  • Affiliate Program:   Each of you will be signed up for our affiliate program.  When we promote your content on your social media character pages we create for you, (example) you will get 20 percent of any sales we generate for you on the website and have it added to your commissions each week.    (for example, a $3.99 download pays .80 cents.  A $999 lifetime membership pays $200)
    Payout:  20 percent
    Signed Autographs or Posters:   (if we sell them on your behalf – you are free to sell your own on your personal time)
    Payout:  $25 per autograph/poster you sign and $25 for video of you signing the autograph/poster if they opt for it.
  • Trip Charges:   Anytime you have to drive more than 1 hour to come see us, we attach a $10 payout to your commission each way for a total of $20 to help cover your gas.   However, keep in mind that drive time does not count towards your 5 hours of work time.
    Payout:   $10 each way if you must travel more than an hour to see us.
  • Sponsorship:   Your character will have a profile page on this website.  We will be inserting options for fans to sponsor you monthly for certain perks.   IF your monthly sponsorship levels raise to a (to be determined soon amount) your $20 per hour will become $40 per hour.   Then $60 per hour.   $80 per hour.   $100 per hour and on up as long as fans are putting in for you on a recurring monthly basis.
  • Becoming the Champion:   We have an actual FWC Championship Belt.   As of the time of this writing, Monroe Jamison is the current champion.   The championship can only be defended or taken on the Episodes.   Not FWC Extras.   Our current story will end on Episode 80.   We will then be starting a new story and the belt will be up to grabs for everyone on the roster as we will have a tournament for the title to kick off our new Episodes sometime in 2018.  Incentives for being the champion will be announced once the Episodes start back up, but we are aiming to make the perks for the champion REALLY good!!


  • All of the items above are scheduled around the real life schedules of the ladies who work here and the schedules of our fans as well.   This is why we will get with you weekly on setting up your 5 hours, rather than having a set schedule to begin.
  • You must be over 18 years of age and in good physical health.
  • You have an active Paypal account. (It’s free. If you don’t have one, no worries.  We will create one for you)
  • You agree to show up on time when you schedule something and respect the time of everyone involved.
  • With the exception of training matches where we let you know in advance you are getting paid, if you want to train to get better on the wrestling mats, you have to schedule non-paid time with us. There is a ton we can show you!
  • You must do your own hair and makeup. Providing your own outfits is preferred, but we provide some on a limited basis. Uniforms will be designed and made in the very near future.   Attempt to look your best when you work with us, video lasts forever!
  • We ask for a maximum of 2 weeks on paying you.  HOWEVER.  If everyone is showing up on time, and business is good, we will simply pay you the same day or same week.    75 percent of the time, you will be paid well before 2 weeks.

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