• You do not need to quit your current job or school if employed or currently schooling.
  • In most cases we will not need you more than 5 hours per week.  Maybe 10 hours maximum.
  • Matches and content is scheduled around the available time of the ladies involved.    Thus, good communication is required if you want to be a part.   If you cannot talk on the phone, or cannot respond to texts or emails, we will not be a good fit and please do not proceed.
  • Prior experience is not required.   We teach you all the moves and set things up to where ladies can advance quickly.
  • Most of the things below can be completed in 1 or 2 hours.   Try to block out at least 2 hours anytime you are doing any of the below.   (On events or special matches, you will need to block out 6 hours of time)
  • We only work with ladies who take our time seriously.   When we schedule a meetup, you will be charged $1 per minute for each minute you are late if you are late.  $50 if you must reschedule and $100 if you no/call no/show.   Half of these proceeds will go to the other lady involved for her lost time.
  • You must do your own hair and makeup. Providing your own outfits is preferred, but we provide some on a limited basis. Uniforms will be designed and made in the very near future.   Attempt to look your best when you work with us, video lasts forever!
  • We ask for a maximum of 2 weeks on paying you.  HOWEVER.  If everyone is showing up on time, and business is good, we will simply pay you the same day or same week.    75 percent of the time, you will be paid the exact same day or week.
  • We do not pay any ladies hourly for time.   You are paid for the work you complete.   You do not get paid for gas charges, hotels, or time unless you are traveling from out of state and it’s pre-agreed upon.
  • The following is considered “standard” pay.   Pay is different for events and matches that fans invest a lot of money in and those will be listed at the bottom of this page.

2018 PAY

  • Filmed matches:  (Episodes or FWC Extras – for best of 5 falls – 7 minute falls time limit)
    Winner:  $250 per match
    Loser:  $125 per match
    Draw:  $100
  • Photoshoots:
    Payout:   $50 per photoshoot
  • Paid Wrestling Training:   (sometimes, the fans will pay for your wrestling training.   Otherwise, you can get better anytime you want on your own time or by scheduling training time with us!)
    Payout:   $25 per training
  • Mixed Wrestling:  (lasts about 1 hour – if taking on one of our pre-approved fans from around the world – totally optional!)
    If you Win or Lose or Draw:  $150 per match  ($100 against pre-approved legacy sponsors)
  • Holds Sessions with Fans:   (1 hour – you put fans in our holds to see if you can pin or tap them – totally optional!)
    Payout:   $75 per holds session
  • Meet and Greet with Fans:  (1 hour)
    Payout:  $50 per meet and greet
  • 2 on 1 matches:
    Solo Winner:  $200
    Solo Loser:   $100
    Dual Winners:  $100 a piece
    Dual Losers:  $50 a piece
    Draw:   $75 a piece
  • Tag Team matches:
    Winners:  $100 a piece
    Losers:  $75 a piece
  • Scripted matches:
    Payout:  $100 per match
  • Video Interviews:
    Payout:   $25 per interview
  • Offense/Defense ONLY FWC Extras:
    Person on Offense:  $25
    Person on Defense:  $50
  • Skype and Phone Chats with fans: (you would complete these in your 5 hours here, though you are welcome to sell these on your personal time at home as well at full commission to you, at any price you want to sell them hourly)
    Payout:  $50 per hour  ($25 per hour for pre-approved legacy members)
  • Affiliate Program:   Each of you will be signed up for our affiliate program.  When we promote your content on your social media character pages we create for you, (example) you will get 20 percent of any sales we generate for you on the website and have it added to your commissions each week.    (for example, a $3.99 download pays .80 cents.  A $999 lifetime membership pays $200)
    Payout:  20 percent
    Signed Autographs or Posters:   (if we sell them on your behalf – you are free to sell your own on your personal time)
    Payout:  $25 per autograph/poster you sign and $25 for video of you signing the autograph/poster if they opt for it.
  • Becoming the Champion:   We have an actual FWC Championship Belt.   As of the time of this writing, Monroe Jamison is the current champion.  The belt can only currently change hands on the Episodes.  Not FWC Extras.  Our current story will end on Episode 80.   We will then be starting a new story and the belt will be up to grabs for everyone on the roster as we will have a tournament for the title to kick off our new Episodes sometime in 2018.  Incentives for being the champion will be announced once the Episodes start back up, but we are aiming to make the perks for the champion REALLY good!!
  • Events:   You will be paid $25-$100 per hour on events depending on how big the crowd coming is.  We will also throw in a lot of other perks and make these as profitable as we can for you.   More details coming soon!

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