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Phoenix Flint - Female Wrestler

Height: 4 foot 11
Weight:  87 pounds

Phoenix Flint was out to prove that little ladies can kick ass too.

Phoenix stands at 4’11” tall and only weighs 87lbs.

She always claimed she was more suited for catfights, but we truly don’t know one way or the other.    Phoenix made her debut on Episode 17 and that was the last we saw of her.    We talked to her a few times over the years as her as we learned that Phoenix and Carmella Ringo had a fairly intense real life feud that we tried to get them to settle here at the FWC on the mats.

We hope that both of them have resolved their real life issues.

If not, Phoenix is welcome to come back to the FWC and train and prepare with the other girls for the day that Carmella may return once again.

Or, perhaps this is the end of it!

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