“Kelly the Wrestler” – featuring Kelly Covet – Female Wrestling Photoset #24


Photoset featuring the young and wild spitfire known as Kelly Covet.


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A line you may hear FWC owner Johnny Ringo say in real life to a lady interested in wrestling for the FWC is the following:
Hey, I totally understand that most ladies do not grow up dreaming about being a female wrestler!   I understand, he says.

Then, Kelly Covet comes along.

She has been dreaming of being a female wrestler since she was 7 years old.  She even has her own “Divas belt” and is really excited to see our belt in real life.   This young woman is very excited to be a part of all of this and even cried when we told her that she was part of the team.

Monroe Jamison took some photos of Kelly in her natural state and we hope that you see a lot more from this young lady as we go along here.

368 Photos total
taken and edited by Monroe Jamison

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