“Tough Talk” – Monroe Jamison and Lizzy Lizz – Female Wrestling Photoset #22


Photoset featuring the ferocious duo of Monroe Jamison and Lizzy Lizz.


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Lizzy Lizz was absolutely unknown to the real female wrestling world until 2015.

She broke onto the scene by taking advantage of our FWC Challenge Series and had full intentions of defeating Monroe Jamison on the mats.

Things did not go to plan as Lizzy had hoped, but now she is as resolved as ever to get as good as possible at real female competitive mat wrestling so she can defeat Monroe in a re-match and take the Female Wrestling Channel gold.

However, Monroe does not see things Lizzy’s way.

She thinks Lizzy has a long, long way to go before she should think about challenging her again, and would prefer to focus on bigger fish.

Does Monroe have a future challenger on her hands?

Or, will Monroe cut through her again just like their first encounter?

This photoset displays some of the fire and passion that these two bring to the mats and you will see various FWC Movesets applied to see what it would look like if one was defeating the other.

548 Photos total

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