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5 foot 8
147 pounds

Johnny Ringo’s search for a challenger for Monroe Jamison‘s title continues and the first new lady he brings on as competition is young and strong Remy Rush.

Remy makes her debut on Episode 72 against Callisto Strike and is very eager to begin the journey of trying to become the 2nd ever FWC Competitive Champion.

Where Remy comes from and what her motivations are remain a mystery at this point.

However, she is one of the strongest ladies to ever debut on our wrestling mats and she could be a future champion in very due time!

Look out for this one!

In real life, Remy was slated to return in August of 2017, but ended up standing us up after some fans had invested in her.   She had a lot of things going on in her life with work and school, but we never got a chance to talk with her about whether or not she would be wrestling again in the future.

If so, we think fans would support her!

As to whether she will return or not, we have no idea!!

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