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The goal for us is to be one of the first female led companies in the United States to combine “Sports and Sexy” while providing great income to our ladies for very little personal time expended in a given week/month.  

We are seeking ladies who enjoy the competitive/sporting aspect behind all of this and feel comfortable looking their best while doing it.

This is REAL and SAFE female mat wrestling.

No punching, slapping, striking, no hairpulling.

We use techniques from ancient styles such as “Catch as you Can” wrestling, “Collar and Elbow” wrestling, and “Shoot Wrestling” among others.

Many, many wrestling styles and forms have been created throughout history.

But none that we know of have ever developed a style that BENEFITS THE FEMALE.

For safety reasons, our action takes place on the knees and the ground.

Afterall, “takedowns” are one of the primary cause of injuries in competitive combat sports.  We see no need for standing takedowns.  All of our action begins on the knees and ladies can only stand up for 3 second increments at a time for positional advantage.

Standard Rules:

  • Falls are 5 minutes long maximum.
  • Matches are generally best of 5 falls.  The first lady to win 3 falls first, or the most amount of falls within 5 falls, is then declared the winner.
  • Finger and Toe Nails must be clipped  (if not, no issue, you risk breaking them, or incurring a penalty against you if you stab someone with them)
  • All visible piercings that could be caught on clothing, or that might cause you pain in certain positions on the mats, should be removed or they could be cause for a penalty against you.
  • You may only stand for 3 seconds at a time.   The action is based on the knees for safety purposes.
  • No slapping, hairpulling, biting, tickling, punching, or intentional kicking.
  • Arm bars and chokes are currently not allowed.

Currently allowed Competitive Female Wrestling Moves:
(Ladies can win via pin or submission – click links below to see demonstration of hold in question)

Primary Pins:

Primary Submissions:

Our wrestling movesets are limited to prevent injury and to give the female the best advantage possible in a wrestling match against another lady or male.   Movesets may be added to this page or subtracted over time as we are continually trying to find the right set of moves.


In-Match Penalties:

  •  1st offense – Non-penalized lady gets “lock” position against penalized lady.  (Penalized lady on back, opponent in mount position)
  • 2nd offense – Penalized lady loses a fall and non-penalized lady can score a pin in 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds for the following fall if she chooses to go for a pin finish instead of a submission finish.
  • 3rd offense – Penalized lady loses a fall and non-penalized lady can score a pin in 3 seconds instead of 10 seconds for the following fall if she chooses to go for a pin finish instead of a submission finish
  • 4th offense – Penalized lady loses the matchup and receives a disqualification.

Qualifying Penalties:

  • Standing up in a matchup (ladies get 3 seconds before penalty is called)
  • Punching, striking, or slapping someone…….. intentional or non-intentional
  • Hairpulling with the hands  (most ladies tie hair up beforehand)
  • Knees, elbows, or kicks to the face.   (Anything deemed reckless or intentional will result in an automatic DQ)
  • Kicking someone hard in the body could result in a penalty or DQ.   Pushing off of someone with the feet will be allowed as long as it’s not deemed a kick.
  • Pinching, biting, or intentional scratching with the nails
  • Choking – Any choke lasting longer than 3 seconds could trigger a penalty.
  • Tickling – will be sure to make your opponent mad.  Could trigger a penalty.
  • If ladies go off the mat……….the lady deemed “in control” will be penalized.
  • Eye gouging.  Intentional or un-intentional.
  • Using arm bars or un-qualified submissions.
  • Intentionally twisting someone’s wrists or ankles in angles they are not meant to bend.   The goal is pins and submissions, not broken bones.
  • Headlocks for the intention of a submission is currently not allowed, but may be allowed in the future.

Calling a “Stop” and “Unqualified Submissions”:

(What is a Stop? – Effective Episode 44 we are going to allow ladies the ability to “stop” the match.  Ladies can stop a match for any reason. It could be a Charlee horse, it could be a broken nail, it could be because they got pinched, or got their hair pulled, doesn’t matter)

If a lady has to “stop’ during a fall she loses the fall and will not be assessed a penalty.

If she submits or “stops” because of an unqualified submission, or an illegal tactic, it will be reviewed to make sure it wasn’t indeed qualified.

If the submission was deemed “unqualified”, say it’s a rear naked choke, maybe a camel clutch, something we don’t allow currently, the lady who uses the illegal move will automatically lose the fall and her opponent will begin the next fall in lock position to start.


The goal is to have a winner and a loser.   We have a 3 draw limit in a matchup, then it becomes sudden death.   If a lady had already won a previous fall before 3 draws, she is the winner.    If not, the 5th fall will determine the winner “if” there are 4 consecutive draws in a row.   If there are 5 consecutive falls with no winner, then we have a draw and the match must be paid for again to see the re-match.

Time Limit:

7 Minutes per fall.   (changed March of 2018 from 10 minutes per fall previously!)

Last page update – 3-20-2018

Continuing perfection and simplification of our rules is of the utmost importance to us.   Have ideas on making the rules better or adding or subtracting movesets?    CONTACT US HERE with your honest and candid opinions.