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Height: 5 foot 6
125 pounds

Scarlett Squeeze is the current youngest lady on the roster and is an intelligent and cunning young lady.

Hailing from California, Scarlett decides to move to Indiana to attend college and leave behind mental scars left by an old rival……………..Callisto Strike………….who ends up joining the Female Wrestling Channel as well on Episode 60.

Scarlett’s main goal in coming to Indiana was to continue her education, but after reading about the Female Wrestling Channel and the opportunity online, she decides she wants to do something to prove she is tough enough and good enough.

Scarlett succeeded in becoming one of the most popular ladies EVER at the young Female Wrestling Channel.

She has fans far and wide. Her journey has not been all sunshine and roses.  She has some big time wins, but has also suffered some big time losses.

Scarlett Squeeze returned in 2017.

Stronger and hungrier than ever.

But, it might be the last we ever see of her at the FWC as things did not go her way.

Was 2017 Scarlett’s last go around?


Photos of Scarlett Squeeze!

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