#17 – "The Calm Meets The Storm" – Phoenix Flint vs Haley Davidson - (REAL) - 2012

Haley Davidson vs Phoenix Flint

The Calm Meets The Storm!

Haley Davidson has not had a journey at the Female Wrestling Channel that has consisted of sunshine and roses.

However, Haley is still an extremely CALM and confident young woman.

If you think losing multiple matches would bother this young lady………….you wouldn’t know it!

Speaking of young ladies.

Enter Phoenix Flint.

She is now our youngest performer at the Female Wrestling Channel as she dials in at 18 years old while standing 4’11” tall and weighing 87lbs.

Phoenix may be a small girl, but she has a smashmouth, stormy personality, along with a real desire to win on those wrestling mats.

If the arm wrestling match that begins this matchup is any indication…………young Phoenix packs some power……….and is looking to make an impact against the girl who has been the whipping girl for the Jamison’s thus far.

Tall vs. Small


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  • TITLE: Episode 17 – The Calm meets The Storm – Phoenix Flint vs Haley Davidson
  • GENRE:  THE EPISODES – REAL and COMPETITIVE Women’s Wrestling!
  • FALLS: Best of 5 falls matchup.
  • LENGTH: 15 minutes and 33 seconds long
  • RELEASED:  September 10th 2012
  • FILE SIZE: 167MB
  • Filmed in SD
  • Phoenix is 18 years old. She stands at 4’11″ and weighs 87lbs
  • Haley is 29 years old. She stands at 5’9″ and weighs 111lbs
  • Phoenix had a real life feud with Carmella Ringo, but debuted before Carmella even though Carmella was slated to originally debut on Episode 6
  • Haley stands an incredible 10 inches taller than Phoenix.   Will this have an impact on the match
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#17 – “The Calm Meets The Storm” – Haley Davidson vs Phoenix Flint

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1 review for #17 – "The Calm Meets The Storm" – Haley Davidson vs Phoenix Flint

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    I really enjoyed this video because of my personal liking for petite, smaller girls wrestling. Phoenix was unfortunately just over-powered by Haley. I believe I read somewhere on the site that Phoenix was so unhappy about her first try, that she decided not to continue with it. I think she would have had a good chance with the more recent arrival Jessica Danger.

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