#20 - "Electrafied" - Electra Jamison vs Monroe Jamison - (REAL)

Electra Jamison vs Monroe Jamison

Electra Feels She Has Her Sister Monroe CONCERNED!

“Monroe Cannot Use The Scissors In This Match And Electra Is Looking To DOMINATE!!”

Monroe Jamison has absolutely been tearing it up at the Female Wrestling Channel.

However, her always eager sister stands in her way. This time, however, she has a twist.

Electra Jamison wants a best of 3 falls matchup where Monroe cannot used her prized leg scissor submission to win the matchup.

“The Only Two Moves Allowed Are The Breast Smother Pin/Submission And The Reverse Schoolgirl Pin!”

Two moves that Monroe has never won with.

You can be sure that Monroe will accept Electra’s challenge.

Will Monroe continue her winning streak?

Or will Monroe be………..”Electra-fied”?

Best of 3 falls real female vs female wrestling matchup!


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  • TITLE:  Episode 20 – Electrafied! – Electra Jamison vs Monroe Jamison!!
  • GENRE:  THE EPISODES – REAL and COMPETITIVE Woman vs Woman Wrestling!
  • FALLS:  Best of 3 falls matchup.
  • LENGTH:  17 minutes and 17 seconds long
  • RELEASED: October 30th 2012
  • FILE SIZE:  389MB
  • Electra is 32 years old. She stands at 5’8″ and weighs 130lbs
  • Monroe is 26 years old. She stands at 5’6″ and weighs 125lbs
  • Electra was feeling good after her win against Haley Davidson on Episode 15.    Electra vowed to NOT lose this match
  • We did not get it on camera, but one of the women ran to the bathroom crying after being defeated for the first time in her life with the breast smother
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#20 – “Electrafied” – Electra Jamison vs Monroe Jamison


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