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Everything You Get When You Become A Flex Sponsor:

  • Flex Sponsorship is for those of you who like our substance, style, and the ladies we put forth.  You will get to choose matches from our company, AND OTHER COMPANIES, as they become available.
  • If you are not already a 1 year member or Legacy Member, you will be made into a 1 Year Member.
  • Once logged in as a member, you will be able to see your order on our list at any time on our Sponsor page.
  • As a flex sponsor, you get to see all of the matches we stream until you take the match that you want.   If you can’t watch it live, you can still watch the private recording of the backstage stuff anytime.
  • Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with this purchase.  If the match is not done within 90 days, you can transfer to another lady or ask for a full refund.  If you extend the time and it takes more than 180 days (6 months) to get your match completed, we refund your money plus 20 percent on top of whatever the total is you invested.

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