“Lizzy Lizz BRAVELY Challenges The Very Best Lady We Have On The Mats At The FWC During This Time Period…………….Monroe Jamison!”

Lizzy Lizz is truly one of a kind.

Johnny Ringo had been trying for years to get ladies to do one simple thing.

Make a short video challenging one of the ladies on the roster to a matchup.

The concept was simple.

If the lady accepts……….we then put the match up for the fans to decide if they want to fund it or not.

Most of the time, if a lady accepts, Johnny has to write a script for them.

Not Lizzy Lizz.

She sent Johnny a challenge video and had it done and ready to go.

She could have challenged ANYONE on the roster………..but she chose Monroe Jamison.

Lizzy states in the video that Monroe’s leg scissors couldn’t “cut hot butter”.

Why is this woman so motivated and confident that she can take down Monroe?

One thing is for sure………..one of these ladies is in for a RUDE AWAKENING!

Will it be Monroe or Lizzy?

Monroe is not impressed with Lizzy’s overconfidence and travels across the majority of the United States (via car) to attempt to prove to “Lizzy Twig” that she just made a big, big mistake in calling out the best the FWC has to offer.

Lizzy’s only wrestling background was a little bit of pro training and she has done some real female boxing as well.

Will Lizzy show Monroe that she has been NOTHING this whole time and never faced a real woman like Lizzy?

Or, will Monroe put Lizzy in her place and show her that she should not challenge the champion right off the bat?

What will happen here?

Real Wrestling!

** Our first ever match in our FWC Challenge Match Series has been funded as Monroe Jamison drove all the way from Indiana to Arizona to take on real wrestling newcomer Lizzy Lizz.  **

    • Lizzy is 32 years old.   She stands at 5’7″ and weighs 120lbs.
    • Monroe is 30 years old.  She stands at 5’6″ and weighs 125lbs.
    • Monroe drives all the way from Indiana with Johnny Ringo to take Lizzy Lizz on.
    • Monroe is extra incensed for this match as she has a feeling that Johnny and Lizzy might have a thing for each other.
    • A documentary was filmed on the way to Arizona by Johnny and Monroe as they met some fans on the way and discussed their thoughts and feelings on things from the time.  That series is included with this video.
    • Who do you think is going to “WIN”?
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Monroe and Johnny filmed a documentary on their way to Arizona that has 4 total parts called The Road To Lizzy Lizz“!  The only way to see this documentary is to be a member or to buy this video.  If you are a current member, you will need to “check out” as if you are purchasing this video (will be $0.00) to have the documentary sent to you via email with this order. – Video Value: $4.97

Video Details:

  • TITLE:  Rude Awakening – Monroe Jamison vs Lizzy Lizz – Challenge Match #1
  • FALLS:  Best of 5 falls matchup.
  • LENGTH:  47 Minutes and 52 Seconds
  • RELEASED:  August 26th 2015
  • FILE SIZE:  416MB
  • Filmed in SD

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NOTE:   Know of a lady that would be willing to challenge one of our ladies to a wrestling matchup that the fans would decide if they want to fund or not?    Have them make a video challenging one of our active ladies and we will consider.   Send videos or questions to us at johnny (@) femalewrestlingchannel (.) com


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“Rude Awakening” – Lizzy Lizz vs Monroe Jamison


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