"Revenge in Mind" - Monroe Jamison vs Savannah Scissors

One Woman’s Career Is ON THE LINE

She Informs Johnny If She LOSES AGAIN This is Not For Her!

Monroe Jamison was starting to get a bit uneasy.

She had faced Savannah Scissors in two matches previous, and in 4 consecutive falls, Monroe had 4 consecutive losses.

Thus, the adrenaline was flowing hard in Monroe’s veins………..as she had…………..”Revenge in Mind”.

Will Monroe Jamison get her Revenge?

Or will the smaller Savannah Scissors put her down once again?


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  • TITLE:  #3 – Revenge In Mind – Savannah Scissors vs Monroe Jamison
  • FALLS:  1 Competitive Fall – Rest is Scripted After That
  • LENGTH: 21 minutes and 58 seconds long
  • RELEASED: May 5th 2012
  • FILE SIZE: 492MB
  • Savannah is 24 years old. She stands at 5’1″ and weighs 107lbs
  • Monroe is 26 years old. She stands at 5’6″ and weighs 125lbs
  • In real life, Monroe was humiliated by losing to such a small woman in the 2 matches prior.   If she lost this match to Savannah, chances were very likely she would be done for good
  • The customer ordered for the first fall of this match to be FULLY competitive.  Thus, think of this as a 1 fall matchup.  The winner of the 1st fall then got to control the rest of the match in a scripted fashion.  We can tell you that NEITHER WOMAN wanted to lose that first fall
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#3 – “Revenge in Mind” – Monroe Jamison vs Savannah Scissors


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