This product is meant for men who are looking to learn more about 1 or more of the following 3 items:

– Ringo’s Dating Tips

(I will teach you how to court and find a woman, what to do correctly in a dating scenario, and how to get to sex fast)

– How to Get Women you are Dating or Married to Wrestle You

(I will be teaching you what to say, what to do, and when and how to do introduce this in)

– How to Get Women to Catfight or Wrestle your Wife

(I will teach you how to discuss this with her, how to recruit women, and some do’s and don’ts)

If you are not familiar with me already, my name is Johnny Ringo and I’m the owner and founder of the Female Wrestling Channel.

In 8 years working in close contact with women I have learned a lot.

A lot of things you should do and a lot of things you should not do, as I will be showing you.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned in my close to a decade running the Female Wrestling Channel, is that there is not a lot of good, solid, TRUSTFUL information when it comes to men-women interactions.

There are a lot of articles, sure.

Lots of websites, SURE!


Finding trustful, accurate, actionable information is a tedious and often frustrating process.

The truth is that life would have been much easier if our Dad’s could have taught us ALL of the in’s and out’s about women.

However, it’s not your Dad’s fault if this was not the case for you.

There is an extremely small chance he has come across the information I have come across over the last decade.

The stuff I’m looking to teach you is something I hope you will teach your kids and they will re-teach their kid’s as well.

To recap…………..

If you are a Man Who:

– wants to learn how to easily set up dates with women and get to sex fast
– wants to find women to wrestle you
– wants to find women to wrestle your wife or girlfriend

I am putting together a complete course on how to do so.

This course will be updated continually and you will have lifetime access to this course AND me.

You Will be Taught How-To:

  • get to the first date, do things correctly, get to the second date, and then get sexual. You will be taught how to do this in a very efficient AND cost effective manner including texting techniques. Step by step.
  • date older or younger women no matter your age if over 18. You will be taught how to identify younger women who fantasize and prefer being with older gentlemen and I have a lot of tips for younger gentlemen as well.
  • have the right “frame” in your interactions with new women. The frame you set at the very beginning is very, very important.  For example, you want this frame to be correct when you attempt to convince her to wrestle other women or yourself.
  • find your “targeted” type of woman and how to focus on finding the type of women YOU are sexually attracted to. I’m going to teach you how to categorize women for maximum personal success and how to manage personality and age differences.
  • how to maximize your appearance.
  • notice the body language and signals that a woman is attracted to you and how to find out for sure.
  • self-internalize and recognize how societal programming has turned otherwise good men into “betas” and how you can be a man again and thus attractive to women.
  • not to lie. You are going to be shown how to do everything taught here while being 100 percent completely honest with every woman you come into contact with.
  • not to cheat. If you have the correct frame with women and you know how to handle their drama and objections, of which I will teach you how, you will never have to lie to a woman again and you can have sex with as many women as you personally please “EVEN IF” you are married or dating someone else.
  • recognize that the “Me Too” movement is going to help your chances with women, not hurt them, if you know what to do and how.
  • lead with women. You are going to be taught how to lead in the relationship and why this is incredibly important (and sexy) to your female counterpart(s).
  • how to recognize the 3 primary types of women and finding out which ones are best for you personally and why.
  • how to recognize what type of man you are. Are you the type that likes chasing women, having sex with them, and then getting to the next one? A Thrill of the Hunt type of guy? Or, are you more like me, where you are a “Pleasure of Sex” type of man where you do NOT like chasing women, you like to have sex with the same woman more than once, and you don’t like the “game” so much?
  • how to maintain discretion.
  • how to avoid the rabbit hole of falling for ONE woman, thinking about her all the time, and thereby making her less and less attracted to you. I will not be teaching you how to get “that” girl, but I will be teaching you how to get multiple new women into your life.
  • how women think and process the world. It’s not like you do as a male. It’s much different and you will learn many of the reasons why.
  • how to increase comfort with women you are interacting with. You will be taught how to be calm, outcome independent, and you will be taught to let new women do the talking 80 percent of the time on the first interaction.
  • how to ask fun questions that are not interview questions on the first date or meet-up.
  • how to bring women to orgasm in bed, why this is incredibly important, and I will be giving you very specific techniques that you can begin testing immediately.
  • how to completely minimize and re-direct drama from women. Your stress levels are going to go down massively when you learn what I have learned and how to do this correctly.
  • to message women online and how to set up dates with them

:This will include information on how to get women to wrestle or catfight your wife or girlfriend
:This will include information on how to get the women you ask on dates to eventually wrestle you
:This will include STEP BY STEP information on how to do this, with message templates, and video tutorials

You Will Also Receive:

  • Your new Lifetime Consultant.   Me.  My goal is not to take your money and run, my goal is to be your short and long term consultant on this until you know this stuff like the back of your hand.   If the day comes where you do not need me any longer, great.   If not, simply send me a text or email when you need assistance and I will get to work on helping you out.
  • Lifetime Login Access to the Information and All Future Updates as this will be an ongoing series and I will be adding A LOT.
  • I will be putting in videos to explain everything I’m teaching further.
  • A large list of my own mistakes and mess-ups with women that led me to where I am now, so you don’t make the same mistakes. (names will be omitted)
  • You will get 1 hour of time to talk to me on the Phone, Skype, or through Message about questions you have and I will be helping you get a game plan together if you choose to take me up on this. I will get some information from you before we talk so I can provide you with an even better experience in terms of my suggestions and the game plan we set forth.
  • This is a resource you will have private access to and you will be able to log in and view for the rest of your life. You are forever free to re-read anything you need to brush up on and consume anything new that I continually add and ask me questions about all of it.
  • 100 Percent Privacy guaranteed.  Information you share with me will be shared with no one under no circumstances.  The more honest you are with me about your challenges the faster I can help you get to where you want to be.

**** Will be Available and Ready on April 11th ****

After this is posted privately on April 11th you can text or email me about the material you have learned about anytime you wish.

You will also have 1 full hour of talk time with me on Skype or the phone to talk over things further.

I will answer all your questions going forward for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE free of additional charge through text or email and you can purchase additional appointments via phone/skype if you require them going forward.

The Cost for Lifetime Coaching and Access to all Future Updates

  • $1997 for Non-Members and 2 Month and 1 Year Members
  • $997 for Lifetime Legacy Members

If you Pre-Purchase before April 11th you get 50 PERCENT OFF the numbers above

I cannot and will not offer any discounts after that date because I know for a fact that this program is worth every single penny and more.   

I’ve spent many thousands of dollars in actual money (and time) learning everything I’m going to be sharing with you here over the coming months.

My goal is to stick with you until you have fulfilled what you are seeking.   

If you are not satisfied at anytime or nothing changes for you, I will give you a LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with this purchase or what I have taught you going forward.

If you have any questions whatsoever before purchasing you can use this CONTACT FORM to get in touch with me.

If you want the Early Bird Discount, Simply Checkout on this Page Right Now. 

If so, I will be emailing you before the 11th and will be finding out your precise needs so we can get a game plan together and get any challenges or gaps of knowledge you have on the subjects above solved as quick as possible.

– Ringo –


It’s possible to have your entire balance paid via Paypal Credit.

Simply choose Paypal Credit upon checkout to see if you qualify.



How to get Women to Date You, Wrestle You, and Catfight/Wrestle other Females

$1,997.00 $997.00



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