THE RINGO LETTERS – #1 – The Rollercoaster

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(The Ringo Letters are the sole view of Johnny Ringo, the owner of the Female Wrestling Channel, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the females that work for this company currently or in the recent past. The Ringo Letters are to serve as a vehicle for Johnny’s thoughts at a given time on FWC related subjects.)

Ladies participating!
Fans supporting!

These are the two things Monroe Jamison and I are always working on here at the Female Wrestling Channel.

We are always “striking the balance” so to speak between these two mediums.

I like to tell people I feel like we are where baseball was at in the 1800’s, but with many more challenges and logistics. There is so much you don’t see that goes into making a product and service out of “what we do”.

Personally, I will keep doing this day in, and day out, often 7 days a week on my end if you keep supporting. I know for sure Monroe Jamison will stick with it as well, we are now in year 5 going on 6.

Sometimes, it’s a real rollercoaster to get fans and ladies working together at the same time. Fans investing and the ladies showing up and wrestling. A true juggling act, especially since we are still small.

It must be said we absolutely would not be here today if it wasn’t for the small handful of fans that have financially supported this in anyway at all.

If you are reading, sincerely, thank you!!

You can without a doubt find many sites out there with naked ladies wrestling or ladies who wrestle (scripted) in the ring in what they call pro wrestling.

I truly have nothing against either one of those genres or the people in it, not at all.

But, I like that we are different!

The majority of ladies that join our company do not do so to be portrayed as porn stars.

Yes, they know they are attractive.

Yes, they like to show off at times.

Like the majority of ladies in this world, they want you to see past their beauty.

They want to be appreciated for who they are.

They want you to like their personality, their wit, their charm, their humor, their creative choice of clothing, the little things like eye makeup, or the dimple in their cheek, their smile, their eyelashes, and MORE, but primarily, the effort they put forth on the wrestling mats.

No lady leaves our mats without being a least a little tired and sore, if not a lot!

The ladies want you to know they are taking a chance here.

They are putting their body on the line.

They are putting it out there, for the whole world, on camera.

I can’t stress enough how brave, awesome, and unique all of the ladies are who have appeared on any of our Episodes or Extras.

Some of them, have real star potential.

Key word is potential.

Potential is meaningless if it doesn’t spring into actual growth.

We have hundreds of ladies on the sidelines who will JUMP on this if we become legitimate. I’m not kidding or stretching the truth to try to make my point. I actually keep track of this stuff.

Almost every single woman I meet, even the ones who act strong, are usually trapped in a fear and security loop as their primary decisional motivators.

It may be a situation where we are going to need to pay ladies some type of salary to generate real heartfelt commitment to this.

Of course, to me it rubs on my logical mind. Often, these ladies will make $100-$300 for just 2-6 hours of work. Most of the time, it’s us laughing and having fun.

However, almost all of the ladies minus Monroe, will commit to other jobs that pay something like $250-$500 per week, 30-50 hours, and then have very, very little time to commit to this.

The math and time expense doesn’t add up on their end.  Even though we pay way higher than those other jobs, and they could be using the rest of the time in the week to make more money and market to more fans.

With this said, it’s not that they do so out of complete irrationality.

Often, when these ladies are ready to work, fans don’t invest at the same time!

This is the rollercoaster.

The reasons could be numerous.   Often, guys don’t like to invest because the ladies are nowhere near Monroe Jamison right now wrestling/skill wise.   What I say to all the ladies, and the guys, is go back and watch Monroe Jamison get her butt whipped on Episode 1 and Episode 2 by a girl that was only 105-110lbs at the time.

Then, go watch some of Monroe Jamison’s matches now.   There is not a single woman on this roster that couldn’t whip Monroe Jamison when she first started at their current level.

Monroe would have loved to be as tough as many of the ladies are, right now, when she started out.  Point being, all of the current ladies have the ability to get to her level.   This is why we have an advanced training series now with Bruce Vayne where you can get your favorite lady moving up the ladder, and past Monroe if you wish, by simply investing right now.

Or, keep Monroe strong so the ladies never catch her.   Your choice!

Why else might fans not invest if they currently love competitive wrestling?

  • Sometimes, guys are not honest with their wives and girlfriends about their interest in this. Guys who will be big sponsors, will disappear once the marriage is on the rocks, or his significant other slams her foot down and makes demands.
  • Or, sometimes fans will get hooked on a certain lady. Very natural. Sometimes, fans only like certain types of matches. Which is fine, but sometimes they don’t want to pay for the full match or simply cannot afford it.
  • Sometimes, fans just go through the normal hiccups all of us do. More bills than income. Or, maybe they got hooked by the hundreds of other entertainment options competing for their daily dollars?
  • Some fans constantly make requests for the ladies to do things other than competitive wrestling, which happens quite often.

Big thing is this. I’m either a lousy motivator, which is extremely possible, or it’s just very hard to get ladies to get excited about the process of sales, which has been my personal experience in 38 years of life at this point.

There is no other field where you can make more money than sales.

Especially, in a rare field where you can sell yourself!

I always laugh when I think about the amount of money I would make daily if I was a woman in this business.

A motivated, pretty woman can sell way better than most men if she knows her product and has the proper tools.

I will continue to build the ladies more tools and try to give them as much personal freedom in this job that I can.

But, that’s the thing. I don’t want to put man traits on these women. If the talk above is motivating to any ladies reading, that’s great. However, most ladies want security. And, many of these ladies do not fully believe in themselves.

This is why I always tell fans to send nice messages of meaningful support.

The ladies read those messages and they do matter.

I ask that fans and ladies reading keep the following in mind:

We have been trying to recruit for 5 years. It’s very hard for most women to take a chance on this, and say “Yes”, when she is competiting against other pretty women “for real” on the mats, on a video that lasts forever.   It’s ok. It’s makes the ladies who do this all the more special.

They also will be the ones reaping the benefits when we break through that glass ceiling.

If you are a fan, you have to realize that the time is short, as I alluded to in Episode 53.

Even the two ladies who wrestled in that very Episode, have not been back since.

That’s why I always urge all of you to support the ladies you like the most.

Keep them doing this!

Make it to where they spit on rival opportunities.    There are very few, if any businesses out there, where the ladies will get the opportunity to market the one person and product they can (hopefully) rely on the most………….themselves!

Every single lady you have ever seen on our mats are a unique breed of woman.   They can (and will) be gone in a flash if they feel like they are not being appreciated or compensated to take a full chance at this.

Monroe and I will keep trying to find investors.  To all of the ladies who have said “yes” to this and gave this a shot, thank you.  To the ladies who returned, and toughed it out, and kept on learning and fighting, a BIG thank you.  To the fans that have kept this going, a BIG thank you.   None of us would be here without you.

To fans and ladies who have been sitting on the sidelines watching, get involved or consider financially supporting this!

I truly think when it’s all said and done, you are going to be very happy that you did.

– Ringo –

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