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(The Ringo Letters are the sole view of Johnny Ringo, the owner of the Female Wrestling Channel, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the females that work for this company currently or in the past. The Ringo Letters are to serve as a vehicle for Johnny’s thoughts at any given time on FWC and Women related subjects)


On February 23rd of 2019 it was our 7 year anniversary for Monroe and I pushing real and competitive wrestling out to the entire world.

At the time of this writing I have 1387 customers that I am aware of.

We normally hover between 400 to 600 unique hits a day on our website and on good days we sometimes go over 1,000 unique hits per day.

It’s been a good start.

However, there is still much work to do.

Since 2012, I have literally messaged thousands upon thousands of ladies.

Many locally here in central Indiana and many nationwide.

Of these messages, the vast majority of them get ignored.

Despite that, I still get hundreds of responses per year, (which is all that matters quite frankly), and the ladies look at our pay scale and consider things, but MOST ultimately do not end up trying out.

It’s important to understand that MOST females are not built biologically for COMBAT.

Granted, this is not MMA.   There is no punching or striking.

However, most women would much prefer to be a model in a magazine, or walking on a runway showcasing clothes, or even STRIPPING NUDE, rather than going up against another female or male in REAL and competitive wrestling.

Therefore, it’s important to understand that this is an extremely unique thing.

With it being an extremely unique thing, women would like to be paid extremely unique rates for putting their body and image on the line on video for the entire world to see…………..forever.

This should not surprise you.

Why would they put their body and looks on the line against another woman for maybe a few hundred dollars profit at best?    Many can make more at a day of promo modeling, or doing pictures with a photographer, nude or not.

Many can make more as a waitress.    Or, even doing skype or web cam online.

Why put their body on the line?

Also, many women very much tend to be SOCIAL creatures and very much worry about the opinions of friends, family, significant others, etc.

I’ve heard stories of guys asking our ladies…………hey………..you still doing that PORN thing?………and comments that are similar to this.

Keep in mind, this does not happen often.

But, if you know anything about women, they often tend to focus more on the one guy who said something NEGATIVE rather than the 100 guys who said something POSITIVE.

That’s just the way they are wired folks.

And, our wrestling is sexy.   That’s a good thing.   I would much rather it be sexy than the opposite.    However, many women are worried about the opinions of others, and thus want to participate in something “legit” like MMA or BJJ instead of our style where we blend Sport and Sexy.

That’s ok.   Our goal is to showcase women who EMBRACE their beauty, not those who deny it.


I have a lot of interest now and I have gotten a lot of interest in the past from ladies who want to try this.  Some of these ladies you have even seen on TV in various mediums, large and small.

Beautiful women DO EXIST who would very much try this and you have seen that play out already if you have been a fan of us at all over the last 7 years.

The good news is that many women DO enjoy our style of wrestling after they get over the mental nerves and actually tryout and wrestle for the first time.   A good half maybe.  MAYBE, 2 out of 4.  Which, is a strong percentage in my personal view.

However, despite many of them enjoying it, the pay is “generally” not super appealing to them.   We currently pay $200 for a win and $100 for a loss.   We have went as high before as $350 for a win and $150 for a loss, but it nearly doubled our match values and fans like yourself were simply not investing at those levels at that time.

This has been the battle since we began.

–  How do we have money in pocket for ladies who want to do this?
–  Also, if fans invest large amounts of money, how do we ensure they show up?

As a longtime fan myself, I simply attempted to copy what the other companies were doing.   Charge for a custom match.   I would charge the rates they charged or close to it.

I think the reason you don’t see much competitive wrestling out there is because many of the producers (and the industry in general) essentially have gotten away with paying the ladies very little for so very long.

As a producer myself, I can strong attest that money doesn’t appear out of thin air.  I have no rich parents or friends.

So, my first step was I wanted to take care of YOU.

The fan.   You guys are the ones who pay for this and you get first attention in my view.   So, I looked at the concept of custom matches.

You pay a producer for a match, they produce the match, they keep all the lifetime profits.

I don’t know.   I feel like the fan (you) should get some money back on that video when it sells lifetime.   So, I worked for over a year in getting a system into our website that automatically splits payments when a sale happens on the site.   Boom.  Instant pay.    Solved.

I got about 20+ people without looking who are receiving payments daily fan wise.   Most of them love the concept.

I also have it where other producers can put their videos on the site and make an instant percentage when someone buys too.

Most fans have probably not made their full investment back yet.

But, there is still time as we grow AND they get up to half of the profit on each match back lifetime.


I think the magic number that most women want to hear to participate (show up) for a wrestling match is:
$1,000 (minimum)

2 ladies.   $1,000 a piece.   And, what?   $1,000 again to the winner?

I could get a LOT of ladies on that scale.   Boy, could I ever.   However, it would cost us $3,000 per match.  As a sponsor, if I double it since I’m giving you up to 50 percent of the lifetime profits, that would cost you $6,000 to co-own the match with me lifetime.

If I charged you cost and made nothing up front, it would be $3,000 to you.   Keep in mind, this doesn’t cover travel or lodging for the ladies.

30 matches per month would cost roughly $90,000 per month on this scale.    And, when we put the championship up again I would imagine we would want to pay the champion more each match as well.   Maybe call it $100,000 per month for a full month of matches daily, at the rate above.


I’m not ready to do it.   I’m going to keep the match values where they are at a little bit longer, but I am going to add incentives before I start raising the base.

Problem is, MOST of the ladies who come through here are NOT “currently” worth that much.   They don’t have enough training, the spunk, the charisma, the acting ability, none of it.    Because they are not making a whole lot, most women do not promote the match either.

If you have around $5,000 to invest right now, I can make a really good match happen out of it if you give me some time to do so.   Let’s talk.   But, I don’t expect this from the vast majority of you.

Thus, I’m going to keep the match values right now at $200 and $100 and throw some incentives on top that will be described below.    This will allow most of you sponsors to stay in the ballgame for the time being until we can continue to get more fans supporting and more ladies participating.

(this is keeping in mind, that I think the base eventually needs to be near $1,000 minimum ASAP if we want maximum results)


The best thing I can think of is to try to do a volume approach.

Sometime very soon I want to start live streaming all of our matches.   You can watch the stream live or you can watch it whenever you get home from work as it will be recorded and ready to watch.  This will include all the behind the scenes stuff when we shoot and the full match itself.

The key for me is to have something mostly everyone can afford.

Here will be the live stream prices:

– $2.50 per match for Legacy Members
– $4 per match for 1 Year Members
– $5 per match for Non Members

My goal is going to be to try to find ladies with large followings who would in turn send traffic to the FWC for the purposes of live streaming into their scheduled match.   I will give percentages on the live stream money between 10-40 percent depending on how big a following the lady has back to the lady herself.    This could be potentially thousands upon thousands of dollars back to the lady for one match.

For context, I think the WWE has 50 some odd million fans.  I am only looking for a very, very small slice of the pie.

I’m looking to try to get 10,000 people or more consistently live streaming into a match in the next 1-5 years.

It’s a very achievable goal as we are getting more new customers on a daily basis as we continue to expand our reach.

Here would be some examples of the possible gross income per match:

– 100 people at $5 = $500 per match
– 1000 people at $5 = $5,000 per match
– 10,000 people at $5 = $50,000 per match

Now, if you guys are willing to help me make this a reality…………….I can get ladies from anywhere, any status level in life, and our sponsors can make really kick ass money investing in our matches.


Feel free to send the linked questionnaire page to any ladies you think might be interested around the United States.

Message me up and let me know if you will participate in the live streams when we start offering it.


Respond, let me know your thoughts.

I have been wracking my brain for well over 2 months now day and night trying to get clarity on this very issue.

Primary thing right now is I could use a momentum boost from you guys.

Buy some content, get a membership.

Let’s talk sponsorship or mixed wrestling.

If you have a business you would like the FWC to advertise, let’s talk about that too as I have a really good business plan for that.

Or, simply let me know if you can invest in $5, or $25, or $100 right now if nothing else to keep the train cooking down the tracks.

You can simply use the reviews page on this very page to log your thoughts or you can message me at johnny@femalewrestlingchannel.com.

– Ringo –

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