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  • Episodes will be free for you to download/view (including all new releases) for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
  • Photosets will be free for you to download/view (including all new releases) for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
  • FWC Extras will be free for you to download/view (including all new releases) for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
  • FWC Scripted will be free for you to download/view (including all new releases) for for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
  • Mixed Wrestling Matches we produce (other than FAN SERIES) will be free for you to download/view (including all new releases) for 1 year
  • You will be able to purchase Sponsored Matches and Fan Series Matches at an automatic discount of 50 percent off when logged into the site
  • You will be able to purchase videos from OTHER Wrestling Producers hosted on this website at an automatic 25 percent discount when logged in as a Legacy Member no matter if the matches are scripted or competitive
  • You will have access to the ladies WIN/LOSS records.  You will find them at the very bottom of each woman’s profile when logged in 
  • Legacy Members are the only ones who can sponsor matches and make lifetime money.   You get an automatic and instant 50 percent split (through Paypal) anytime your content sells on our website
  • Legacy Members are the only ones who can wrestle our ladies.   You are free to be anonymous if you don’t want to be on camera.  However, if you want to make 50 percent lifetime profits on videos you appear in you can now be a part of our FAN SERIES after becoming an approved Lifetime Legacy Member
  • Money Back Guarantee if you are not FULLY satisfied 
  • Fill out the Form on this Page to be Considered
  • This Service Is Only Available To Those Of You We Approve!
YOU MUST BE A GOOD FIT TO BE ACCEPTED FOR LEGACY MEMBERSHIP.   We do not accept everyone.   Application to be a part is located at the bottom of this page.

If you are new to the Female Wrestling Channel please read through our FRONT PAGE to learn more about us.

Johnny RIngo and Monroe Jamison - 2019

My name is Johnny Ringo.

Monroe Jamison and I own the Female Wrestling Channel.

The primary goal I have tried to inject from the very beginning is to run an honest business.

If you see a video and it says the wrestling is REAL and COMPETITIVE we make sure and mark it in the video.

We have never (and will never) try to pass off fake and scripted wrestling as real.

Another thing you will notice is that we always try to provide VALUE for VALUE.

This is an extremely important concept they no longer seem to teach in schools.

If you make a big purchase at the Female Wrestling Channel we set things up strategically in such a way that you are going to get LIFETIME value back.

Do you know of any other companies who do this?

Do you know any companies that think about their fans enough to provide a FREE DOWNLOAD every single Friday?

I do it every week and I do it for YOU.


Thank you.

Every single company I know thinks it’s best to squeeze the customer for every dime they have.

Not here.

We are the only company in the ENTIRE WORLD that I am aware of that splits match profits with our FANS.

EVERYTHING we offer you, absolutely EVERYTHING, comes with a money back guarantee.

Why do we make such a big deal of this?

It’s because we believe in what we are doing.

You ALWAYS get value eventually when you invest your hard earned money with us.

I make sure of it.

When challenges arise, if you message me personally I always message back.

Let’s Talk About The Ladies!

Have you ever seen a completely successful Women’s Wrestling Company?

I ask this question seriously.

GLOW ultimately failed.

They made an entertaining and fictional account of the events on Netflix, but despite this, many of the real life challenges were talked about and exposed.

Do you think Shimmer is a big deal?

I don’t know much about them, but if I asked anyone casual I know about their company they would have no idea of their existence.

And, these companies have it easier as………..


Afterall…………if you are a fan of the Female Wrestling Channel you want…………


You want real emotions.   Real talk.  Real effort.  No lies!

You also want……….


If you are a man reading this, you will have multiple FAVORITE women over the course of your life.

In this type of business, “just one” will never do!

This goes the same for matches.

Some of you like REAL and COMPETITIVE Female vs Female Matches.

Just as many of you like REAL and COMPETITIVE Female vs Male Matches known as Mixed Wrestling as you can WRESTLE OUR LADIES!

Some of you want to see JELLO matches or MUD Wrestling Matches or you want to see a CATFIGHT with hairpulling, maybe slapping OR you want to see a SCRIPTED match where your favorite girl wins or loses OR you want to see things in Photo Form as it takes you back to a different time and age.

Many of you like women with big boobs, small boobs, women who are tall, women who are short, women who are athletic, women who are big boned, women who are old, women who are young, OR you like women who are Yellow, or Black, or White, and if there were women who were BLUE many of you would want to SEE THEM TOO!

Women in Leotards, one piece outfits, bikinis, yoga pants, blue jeans………..

2 on 1 matches, Tag Team matches, Handicapped Matches, 5 on 1 matches…………….

Bodyscissors - Eden Sins vs Sunny Vixen


And, that’s totally ok.

We are willing to help you see what you want to see.

We also have celebrities interested in being a part.

We also have EXTREMELY beautiful women from all around the United States who will give this a shot if we come to them or fly them to Indiana.

These are ladies with big followings who could potentially make our sponsors a fortune with a simple link back to her wrestling match she does with us.

Same with celebrities!

We have a traveling mat and divider set where we can turn ANY large room into a Female Wrestling Channel set instantly.

These mats and dividers are set up in such a way that we can easily travel with them.

Not a single women’s wrestling producer in the entire world has the setup we have at the time of this writing.

You want more ladies.   You want authenticity.   You want variety.

To get the absolute most as a women’s wrestling fan you should see if you qualify to become a LEGACY MEMBER at the Female Wrestling Channel.

If You Are Accepted As A Legacy Member This Month At The Female Wrestling Channel And I Will Give You Something Special Upon Approval!

In addition to everything you get below………….I will throw in a free sponsored match or free mixed wrestling match if you become a Legacy Member this month!

Normally, it costs $997 to become a Legacy Member and then $500 for your first sponsored match or Mixed Competitive Match with one of our ladies.

I am going to eat the $500 for the sponsored match OR mixed wrestling match (you pick which one you want) if you approve your application for membership.

You will make 50 percent lifetime profits if you decide to sponsor a match with this credit or if you decide to let us film your mixed wrestling match and make it a fan series.


If we do not have your sponsored match or mixed match complete within 1 year of your purchase you will get to keep your Legacy Membership and I will personally pay you the full $997 back to you PLUS 20 percent on top if for ANY REASON if I cannot get the job done.

This way, you will not lose on this deal.

Keep in mind!

If you do not have the money right now, try checking out with Paypal Credit below.

They will pay us instantly.

If you pay off your balance to them within 6 months you will incur ZERO INTEREST.

This will give us time to get your sponsored match filmed and start promoting it so you can start making money back before you even spend a dime.

We truly have a chance to be the most EXCITING and SEXY sport on the entire planet!

Don’t tell your friends 10 years from now that you “missed out” on being a part of the Female Wrestling Channel.

Let’s build the right type of Women’s Wrestling business TOGETHER.

— Ringo —



If you get approved, you are in the United States, and we bill you………consider paying your invoice with Paypal Credit for the following benefits!

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