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Thanks for viewing our new FWC fan series.

Some of you who do mixed wrestling with us, do not mind being on camera.   So, we thought we would create a win/win.

We get videos to showcase to fans how our mixed wrestling works, and fans have the opportunity to have their very own, ongoing series here on the website.

Rick is one of our LEGACY MEMBERS and has been a long time fan of the FWC since very close to when we started.   He is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan and you notice that he has a lot of speed on the mats for a bigger gentleman.

His goal is to be able to pin or tap Monroe Jamison one of these times, as he has lost to her just about every single time out at the time of this writing.

Rick takes on Monroe Jamison, Scarlett Squeeze, and Callisto Strike in his personal series of videos, and we are confident he will be taking on a lot more ladies before it’s all said and done.

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Series of FWC Extras featured here are currently not related to our EPISODE based storyline.


FWC EXTRA – Monroe and Scarlett vs Rick – Video Length:  33 minutes and 14 seconds
FWC EXTRA – Monroe and Callisto vs Rick – Video Length:  35 minutes and 58 seconds
FWC EXTRA – Monroe vs Rick – OFFENSE/DEFENSE – + Competitive Fall – Video Length:  17 minutes and 34 seconds
DATE RELEASED: March 27th 2017 (first two videos)
DATE RLEASED:  September 10th 2017 (Monroe vs Rick – OFFENSE/DEFENSE)
FILE SIZES: (ALL included in purchase)
Monroe and Scarlett vs Rick – HDR – 1.1GB
Monroe and Callisto vs Rick- HDR – 1.2GB
Monroe vs Rick – OFFENSE/DEFENSE – + Full Competitive Fall – HDR – 660MB




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One of our longtime fans now has his own mixed video series when we wrestles with us.   You can do the same!