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Thanks for viewing our new FWC fan series.

Some of you who do mixed wrestling with us, do not mind being on camera.   So, we thought we would create a win/win.

We get videos to showcase to fans how our mixed wrestling works, and fans have the opportunity to have their very own, ongoing series here on the website.

Johnny Ringo was thrilled when he found out that LEGACY MEMBER Bruce Vayne was a former collegiate wrestler and coach.

Bruce has a good 10 years of experience under his belt already.

Bruce is someone our ladies truly enjoy working with, as he is a great teacher, and always very funny as well.

This series of videos will showcase Bruce wrestling our ladies and training them further on the art of wrestling.

If you want to get one of our ladies to the next level fast, you can pay to have Bruce train them on refining their basic moves and adding advanced moves as well.    You can do so at THIS LINK.

Want to be like Bruce?

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Series of FWC Extras featured here are currently not related to our EPISODE based storyline.


TRAINING WITH VAYNE – PART 1: 17 minutes and 29 seconds long – File size:  595MB
BRUCE VAYNE VS MONROE JAMISON – 24 minutes and 29 seconds – File size:  833MB
BOTH RELEASED:  January 23rd 2014

FWC EXTRA VIDEO LENGTH: 31 minutes and 30 seconds long – File size:  1G
DATE RELEASED:  January 12th 2016

TRAINING WITH VAYNE – PART 2 – 30 minutes and 10 seconds – File size: 1.1G
BRUCE VAYNE VS MONROE JAMISON AND CALLISTO STRIKE – 42 minutes and 19 seconds long – File size:  1.6G
BOTH RELEASED:  July 10th 2017

RE-IMAGINING OUR BASIC TRAINING – w/ Monroe Jamison – 24 minutes and 31 seconds – File size:  923MB
DATE RELEASED:   September 12th 2017




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One of our longtime fans now has his own mixed video series when we wrestles with us.   You can do the same!   Not one of our ladies has ever defeated Bruce on the wrestling mats.  Who will be the first lady to do it?