“The Girlfriend and the Sister” – Monroe Jamison & Carmella Ringo – Female Wrestler Photoset (#15)


The Girlfriend and the Sister – Photoset featuring two of our most popular ladies.   Monroe Jamison and Carmella Ringo.


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Monroe Jamison has been a staple here at the Female Wrestling Channel since Day 1.

Young Carmella Ringo burst into the scene in Episode 41 and Episode 42 and then suddenly disappeared.

The two ladies have an unrelated connection.

Monroe Jamison is the boyfriend of Johnny Ringo and Carmella Ringo is his sister.

Monroe and Carmella were slated to have a match that never happened back in November of 2013.

This is the photoset that took place before that match was officially scheduled.

Now, the question must be asked.

If Carmella Ringo does return can she defeat Monroe Jamison in real wrestling action?

Or, will Monroe add yet another victim to her already impressive tally?

Both of these ladies perform the majority of our wrestling movesets (in this photoset) and you can see what it would look like if one had taken control of the other during the course of a matchup.

347 Photos total

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