(UWW) – Karly Salinas vs Angel Lee


Karly Salinas vs Angel Lee!

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Making A Statement!

Making her WMW debut in “Making A Statement”, Karly Salinas puts everyone on notice with an absolutely DOMINANT scissor based performance against Angel Lee!

Capping her slaughtering of her with a KO, Karly makes it be known to all that she’s not messing around and is looking to have the WMW title around her waist sooner rather than later!

As the ladies face off in bikinis and get ready to start the match, Angel doesn’t think Karly has such dominance in her. However, though she gets an early upper hand on her via a Bodyscissor, she very quickly finds out she couldn’t be more wrong!

Karly swiftly is able to respond to Angel’s Bodyscissor with her own, and then follows up on it with a Rear Naked Choke to further cut Angel’s breathing. The Scissors are her bread and butter though, and before Angel knows it the Bodyscissors are reapplied!

Showing she can do more than that still however, the confident rookie gets a Schoolgirl Pin on Angel, and then while holding the position opts to Breast Smothers her just for kicks! Angel is in a ton of trouble! She shouldn’t have underestimated Karly’s capabilities!

From here, Karly switches Scissor styles, deciding to focus on Angel’s head now instead of the body by locking on a Side Headscissor! Angel struggles mightily in this before somehow finding her way out, but the damage has been done regardless! She can’t believe this happening to her!

Trying to fight back at least a little after adjusting her bikini top a bit, Angel manages to put Karly in another one of her Bodyscissors briefly, but it doesn’t do much damage nor does it stop Karly for very long! Within a few moments Karly is back in control, applying a Leg Scissor on her frustrated foe. Angel really ought to just give it up! She’s clearly been outclassed by the newcomer!

As Karly has Angel in the hold, her bikini top unties! Angel is fairly happy about this development feeling it was deserved, but to her dismay unlike when her tits were falling out of her top, Karly is not the least bit phased by this! She ties it back up with no problem at all, but even if she couldn’t have and had to wrestle topless, it wouldn’t have stopped her! She is on a mission for that WMW Title and nothing is gonna get in the way of that!

With that, Karly now goes in for the looking to finish Angel off once and for all! She puts on a Figure Four Headscissor, one that knocks out Angel after a while, and that’s the end of that! Karly has dispatched of her! Angel really never had a chance!

This is just the beginning for Karly though, a point she makes crystal clear as this video comes to a close! She’s looking for a real challenge now! She is gunning for that WMW Title, and she’ll take on any and all comers that stand in the way of it! Who will answer her call and step on the mat with her next? Only time will tell, so keep following us to see!

What a debut for Karly! She may well have gold around her waist very soon if this means anything! She totally mopped the floor with Angel here! The rest of the ladies at WMW had better up their games, because Karly is coming for em and coming hard!

(Shot in 4K)

Note:  This was originally released under a company by the name of Women’s Mat Wrestling.  (WMV)

WOMEN’S MAT WRESTLING! (Scripted outcome)

UWW VIDEO LENGTH: 6 minutes and 35 seconds long


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